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Excel 2010 Home Tab




Most people are familiar with the Font group from using it in Word and other Microsoft Office applications. We will do a quick review of all the features within this group. As a reminder, you can hover your mouse pointer over each button and a name and short description will appear. 

First, you will see that your font and size is set at Calibri and 11 – this is the default used by Excel 2010. To make changes to your cell, first select it or highlight multiple cells. Now you can select the drop-down box for your font and select the desired one. These steps also apply to the font size.

To make your text bold, select it and then click on the B in the Font group of the Home tab. To remove the bold option from the text, select it again. These steps apply to the Italicize and Underline button as well.


When adding a border, select your cell or a group of cells. Click on the Border drop-down box and choose from the many options shown in the image to the right.

Towards the bottom of the Border menu, you have additional options under Draw Borders.

Select Draw Border and your cursor will turn into a pencil. Click and drag the pencil where you would like your border. You can add a grid to your spreadsheet by selecting Draw Border Grid. Just as before, select your cells and drag the pencil to cover the area where you would like a grid.

To erase a border, select Erase Border. Now select and drag your eraser in your spreadsheet where you would like the borders and grids erased.

Select Line Color to change the color of your border.

Finally, selecting Line Style, allows you to choose from different styles of lines versus your typical solid line.


Another way to change your font size is by selecting your cell(s) and selecting the Increase Font Size or Decrease Font Size. Select either button multiple times until you have reached the desired text size.


To add color to your cell(s), select the Fill Color drop-down box. Select from the list of colors or select More Colors to get a more specific color.

If you currently have color fill in a cell and would like to remove the color, select No Fill.

Similarly, you can change the font color of your cell(s). Highlight your cell(s) and then select the Font Color drop-down menu.  A similar box as above will appear. Select your font color.

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