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                PowerPoint 2010 Insert - Images

The Images section in PowerPoint 2010 is going to be helpful when adding photos to your work. We will be learning from left to right, step by step about the Images section.


Clicking on Picture, will allow you to add photos that are saved to your computer, to the piece you are creating. By clicking on Picture, a small box will appear showing your options of photos. You can click on you photo of choice and then click on Insert, at the bottom of the box. The image should appear onto your page and allow you to move and adjust the image accordingly.

Clip Art is going to help you search for images, drawings, sounds, etc. This will allow you to illustrate a certain concept, which is nice when wanting to create a fun piece of work with effects to it.

By clicking on Clip Art, a long box will appear on the right hand side of your screen. This box will help you search for a sound image, or video. Type in your search where it says, “Search for:”    

Below it is going to say “Results should be:”

This is going to allow you to choose if you want your search to pull up Illustrations, Photographs, Videos, Audio, or All media type (all of the above). 

Screenshot is for when you want to capture a photo of a part you screen. When you click on Screenshot, a small box will appear, showing you available windows you may have open that you can screenshot. Or, you can click on Screen Clipping at the bottom of the box. When using this, make sure the window you want to screen clip is the last window you opened, because that will be the window PowerPoint 2010 will pull up for you to Screen clip.

When you click on Screen Clipping, the window you want will appear with a fogged out screen. You will be given what looks like a larger “+” to screen clip what part of the screen you want.


When you are done selecting what you want, it will appear as an image in PowerPoint 2010, and you should be able to adjust it to your liking.

Photo Album Is your own virtual photo album. You can put photos of your choice, in the order you want, with or without text, black and white or in color.  After clicking on Photo Album, you may choose to create a new album, or edit one you already made. In this portion of the tutorial, we’ll discuss how to create one.  After clicking “New photo album” a small box will appear. It will allow you to add images by clicking on “File/Disk…”. From here you can choose your photo(s) of choice. Below is “New text box” when you can a box to insert a text you want. You will be able to type in the text once the photo album is made. At the bottom, you can choose Picture layouts, the shape you want you photos to be, and search for a theme. When you are done you may click “Create”.


  That concludes our tutorial on the Images section in the Insert tab.