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Publisher 2010 Home

Publisher 2010 Home Arrange Ribbon

Most publications, even simple ones, are made up of several different objects, including text boxes, shapes and other graphics. Knowing how to arrange these objects is an important part of using Publisher. In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at several different strategies.

Publisher 2010 Home Arrange Group

To arrange objects we will be using the functions in the Arrange section of the Home tab, as shown in the image to the right.

We are continuing to work on our brochure for Horse Boarding Services & Rates. We inserted text and an image to the front cover of the brochure and the text is currently wrapping around the image.

Publisher 2010 Home Arrange Text Wrap

You can fine tune this wrapping style by adjusting the text to wrap more tightly around the picture. Or you might want the text to flow very close to the picture on one side but not too closely on the other side.

Publisher 2010 Home Arrange Edit Wrap Points

There is an adjustable outline around your picture. To see the outline, click on the picture. On the Home tab, click Wrap Text, and then click Edit Wrap Points.

As shown in the image to the right, you can now see a red dashed outline with square black handles (called wrap points) around the picture. You can change the shape of the outline by dragging the black handles.

Publisher 2010 Home Arrange Drag Handles

When you drag the handles away from the picture, the greater the distance will be from the text and the picture.


Publisher 2010 Home Arrange Less Space Text Picture

The closer you drag the handles to the picture, the less space there will be between the text and the picture.

Publisher 2010 Home Arrange Wrap Text Options

For more Wrap Text options, click on the Wrap Text button and hold your mouse over the different options in the drop down menu (as shown in the image to the left). You will get a live preview of how each option will appear. When selecting None, the text will run behind the picture. Square will give you a square space around your picture. Top and Bottom will show the text on the top and bottom of your picture only – not on the sides. Review these options now to see what works best for your publication.

The next two functions, Bring Forward and Bring Backward, were briefly touched on in the previous tutorial, the Objects section of the Home tab.

Publisher 2010 Home Arrange Bring Forward

The Bring Forward function will bring your object forward so that it is hidden by fewer objects that are in front of it. Select the drop down arrow next to Bring Forward and you will also have the option to Bring to Front. This will bring the object in front of all other objects so that no part of it is hidden behind another object.

Publisher 2010 Home Arrange Send Backward

Similarly, you can move your object backward once, each time you select the Send Backward function or move it behind all other objects by selecting Send to Back.

Publisher 2010 Home Arrange Align

Next, let’s look at how we can utilize the Align functions in the Arrange section of the Home tab.

You will notice in the image to the right that we have four boxes with brief tidbits of information. To make this look more professional, we would like them to all line up.

Publisher 2010 Home Arrange Select Multiple Shapes

The easiest way to select all of your shapes is by clicking and dragging a square around them. While doing this, you will notice a dotted, black line appears around your shapes.

Publisher 2010 Home Arrange Selected Shapes

When you let go of your mouse button, the dotted, black line around your shapes disappears and each shape is showing as selected.

Publisher 2010 Home Arrange Distribute Vertically

You will now have the ability to align your shapes by select the Align drop down menu. In our example we chose Align Left, so they would all line up vertically even. Then we selected Distribute Vertically which put an equal amount of space between each shape.

Publisher 2010 Home Arrange Group Ungroup

Now that these four shapes/objects are positioned the way we want them, we can now group them together as one object. As before, drag a box around all four of the objects. Then, select Group from the Arrange section of the Home tab.

Now when we click on one of the objects, a box and handles are around all four objects instead of a box around each individual object. When you move the item around, all of the elements move together.

To ungroup them, click in the grouped box and select the Ungroup button from the Arrange section of the Home tab. They will all be individual items again.

Publisher 2010 Home Arrange Rotate

The final function in the Arrange section is Rotate. You can select any object and then select an option from the Rotate drop down menu (as shown in the image to the left). Rotate your item to the left or right or even flip vertical or horizontal.

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This concludes the Arrange tab tutorial.
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