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Publisher 2010 Home


Publisher 2010 Home Clipboard Ribbon

I have broken each tab into sections. Click on one of the above section links to continue to your tutorial.

In the Microsoft Publisher 2010 home tab tutorials you will find most of your basic features. These are the tools you will find yourself using the most when creating a publication. With this tab you are able to change the style, size and color of your font, align text, create bullets and numbers, and cut and paste text.

Type “Publisher 2010” and we will go through the sections of the Home tab to edit and change the text. We will start at the left and move from section to section.

The first section is the Clipboard. The Clipboard is a very useful tool to move text, pictures, and charts from one place to another on a page or from one document to another.

Let’s practice using the Clipboard features with our “Publisher 2010” text we just typed. Highlight “Publisher 2010” by clicking and holding the left mouse button down in front of the text and dragging the cursor to the end and let go.

Publisher 2010 Home Clipboard Group

Once you have done that, notice that the scissor icon and the two pieces of paper icon are no longer grayed out. (When an icon is grayed out, you are unable to use it).

Now that the icons are functioning, click on Cut (scissors icon) to remove the text. The text will disappear and go into the clipboard. You can also do this on the keyboard by holding down the Ctrl key while pressing x. Notice that the scissors have been grayed out again because there is no text selected.


Publisher 2010 Home Clipboard Paste

To get our text back, click on the Paste button (clipboard icon). The “Publisher 2010” text will be pasted back into your Publisher document.

This feature will work the same if you switch documents or click in a different location of the same document.

If you don’t want the text to be removed from the location, you can select the Copy icon from the Clipboard section or select Ctrl + C on your keyboard. The information will once again be placed in the clipboard. Place your cursor where you would like the text to go and click on the Paste icon.

To open the Office Clipboard, select the dialog box launcher. This can be found in the bottom-right corner of the Clipboard section (as shown in the image below).

Publisher 2010 Home Office Clipboard

Highlight “Publisher 2010” and select Copy. You will notice that “Publisher 2010” has now been copied into the Office Clipboard. Keep in mind that you can store up to 24 items into the Office Clipboard and they can be pasted into other Microsoft Office applications such as Word or Excel documents.

Publisher 2010 Home Clipboard Paste All

To paste an item from the Office Clipboard into the current worksheet, click the item in the Clipboard task pane to paste it at the position of the cell cursor.

You can paste all of the items stored in your Office Clipboard into the current worksheet by selecting the Paste All button at the top of the Clipboard task pane.

To clear the Office Clipboard of all the current items, click the Clear All button.

Publisher 2010 Home Clipboard Delete

To delete the only a particular item from the Office Clipboard, position the mouse pointer over the item in the Clipboard task pane until its drop-down button appears. Click this drop-down button and then choose Delete from the pop-up menu (as shown in the image to the right).

For simple Cut, Copy and Paste movements in your publication, you can right click your selected text and choose from the drop-down menu (shown in the image below).

Publisher 2010 Home Clipboard Cut Copy Paste
Publisher 2010 Home Clipboard Format Painter

If you have formatted your publication with borders, shading, fonts and etc., the Format Painter function in the Clipboard group will be useful. Essentially, you can copy and paste the formatting of your text quickly without repeating steps throughout your publication. Let’s take a look at our example to the left. In our publication, we have changed the text style and size, used italics and underlined “Publisher 2010”.

We want to copy the formatting from “Publisher 2010” to the text below it. Highlight”Publisher 2010” and select the Format Painter icon. When your cursor changes to a paint brush, highlight the text you would like to format. As you can see in the image below, the second line of text now has the same formatting as “Publisher 2010”.

Publisher 2010 Home Clipboard Format Painter Results
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