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Publisher 2010 Home


Publisher 2010 Home Editing Ribbon

The last section of the Home tab is the Editing section. The features you will find in this section are invaluable for large documents.

Publisher 2010 Home Editing Group

The first function, Find, allows you to search for specific content within your document. When you select Find a navigation pane will open to the right of your document (as shown in the image below.

Publisher 2010 Home Editing Find
Publisher 2010 Home Editing Replace

Let’s take a closer look at the navigation pane. To search for a specific word, type it in the Find what text box and select Find Next. To narrow your search, you can select one or both of the boxes in the Find options section of the navigation pane.

In our example below, we want to change all of our “Trailer Parking” features to “Horse Trailer Parking”. In the Find what text box we will type Trailer Parking and in the Replace with text box we will type Horse Trailer Parking. When Trailer Parking is found, we have the option to Replace only this one or we can Replace All of the Trailer Parking text that was found. Select which button applies to your situation.

Publisher 2010 Home Editing Replace All

When you are finished with the Find and Replace features, select the “x” in the upper right hand corner of the navigation pane to close it out.

The Replace button in the Editing section of the Home tab will open the same navigation pane and give you the same options.

Publisher 2010 Home Editing Select

The final option in the Editing section is Select. This function allows you to quickly select all of the text within a text box. Simply click in the text box, click on Select and either choose Select All Objects or Select All Text in Text Box.

Publisher 2010 Home Editing Select All

We selected Select All Text in Text Box and all of the text in this particular text box becomes highlighted. You can make any changes to the text you need.

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