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Publisher 2010 Home

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Publisher 2010 Home Paragraph Ribbon

Publisher 2010 provides ample tools for formatting paragraphs of text. There’s a simple way, for example, to automatically indent the first line of a paragraph.

Publisher 2010 Home Paragraph Group

Microsoft Publisher gathered some of the most popular paragraph-formatting commands into the Paragraph group, found on the Home tab. The figure to the left illustrates this group and its functions.

Publisher 2010 Home Paragraph Bullets

Let’s start with the Bullet function in the Paragraph section. A bulleted list can help dress up your document and/or help certain items stand out from the rest. When clicking on the Bullet button, a drop down list will appear showing the different bullet styles.

Publisher 2010 Home Paragraph Bullets

You can turn the Bullet feature on and each time you hit Enter on your keyboard, a bullet will be added.

In our illustration to the left, we highlighted our text and then clicked on the Bullet button. A bullet was added to each new line.

Publisher 2010 Home Paragraph Numbering

Similarly, you can start a numbered list. Click on the Numbering list will open up the Numbering Library, shown in the image to the right.


Publisher 2010 Home Paragraph Number Library

In our example to the left, we highlighted the text and selected an option from the Number Library.

Instead of bullets, we now have our list numbered.

Now, let’s take a look at the Decrease Indent and Increase Indent functions. In the example below, we placed our cursor in front of “Halloween” at the beginning of our paragraph. We selected the Increase Indent button one time, and the entire paragraph shifted over to the right. You can select the Increase Indent button multiple times to move the paragraph further to the right. To decrease your indent and bring it back to the left, select the Decrease Indent button.

Publisher 2010 Home Paragraph Increase Decrease Indent
Publisher 2010 Home Paragraph Column

You can make columns in Publisher to help in the layout of a publication page. Select the Column button and the drop down menu will allow you to choose from one, two or three columns. For more columns, select More Columns.


In the example below, we selected three columns.

Publisher 2010 Home Paragraph Column Example
Publisher 2010 Home Paragraph Text Box Tools

 When you add columns to your publication, you can further format the columns by going to the Text Box Tools Format tab (shown in the image to the left).

The nine boxes to the left of the Alignment group are different alignment options for your text box.

Select the Margins button to specify the margins for the text box.

Selecting the Special Characters button in the Paragraph section of the Home tab will show paragraph marks and other hidden symbols in your publication (as shown in the image below). Select the button again to turn this feature off.

Publisher 2010 Home Paragraph Special Characters
Publisher 2010 Home Paragraph Alignment

You can change the alignment of your text by utilizing the alignment buttons in the Paragraph section of the Home tab. Simply place your cursor where you would like to change the alignment, and select one of these buttons.

Publisher 2010 Home Paragraph Line and Paragraph Spacing

In publications with long text boxes, multiple paragraphs, or even some sort of bulleted lists, you can change the line spacing. To do this, select the text by clicking over it and highlighting it. Then select the Line and Paragraph Spacing button shown in the image to the left.

You can select the line spacing option shown in the drop down menu or select Line Spacing Options for additional options.

Publisher 2010 Home Paragraph Line Spacing Options

When selecting Line Spacing Options, the Paragraph dialog window will appear. In the Indents and Spacing tab, you will find the Line spacing towards the bottom. You can adjust the Before and After paragraphs spacing as well as the spacing Between lines. Any changes that you make, will be shown in the preview at the bottom of the screen. 

Note at the top, you can change the general paragraph alignment and indentation.

When you are ready to apply the desired line and paragraph spacing to the selected text, click the OK button

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