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Publisher 2010 Home

Publisher 2010 Home Styles Ribbon

In this tutorial, we will look at setting up text styles in Microsoft Publisher. Text Styles can save you time and help keep your document formatting consistent.

Publisher 2010 Home Styles Group

We will utilize the Styles group of the Home tab to create and apply styles.

Here we have a story pasted into a text box in Publisher. The text carried over the formatting from the previous source, so we want to change that to match our new document.

Publisher 2010 Home Styles Text Box Story

To set a style for this text, select the whole story by clicking and dragging. You can also click in the text box and press Ctrl + A to select the whole text.

Publisher 2010 Home Styles Select Text

Now on the Home tab, we will select the Styles button. In the drop down menu, select New Style which is located at the bottom.

Publisher 2010 Home Styles New Style

This will open the New Style dialog box (as shown in the image below).

Publisher 2010 Home Styles Font

In the first field (Enter new style name) we will call this style News Story.

Then we will use the buttons on the right to change the characteristics of the style.

First, select Font and from the Font dialog box we will select Times New Roman for the Font and 10 for the font size. Select OK when your font selections are complete.

Publisher 2010 Home Styles Character Spacing

Next, select Character spacing. Here we can change the scale of the text or we can change the tracking which is the space in between the letters. The option for Kerning will determine how much the characters overlap. We aren’t going to make any changes to the Character spacing at this time. Select OK to close the Character Spacing window.

Publisher 2010 Home Styles Paragraph

Now, select Paragraph so we can check out our paragraph spacing.

We are going to change our First line indentation to .2.

We are changing our After paragraphs spacing to 0.

Then we will change our Between lines spacing to 11 points.

Notice as you make changes in the Paragraph window, the changes are showing in the Sample box at the bottom. Select OK to accept the changes.

In the New Style window, you will notice there are also options for Bullets and numbering, Horizontal rules (places a horizontal rule between paragraphs), and Tabs if you are dealing with a tab list.

Publisher 2010 Home Styles Description

Check the Description at the bottom of the window to make sure your changes are set correctly and select OK.

Our story has been updated with the new style.

Publisher 2010 Home Styles New Style Results

Now, if we paste additional stories into our publication, we can highlight the text and choose the News Story style from the Style drop down menu (as shown in the image below). This will automatically apply this style to the text and save you time.

Publisher 2010 Home Styles Automatically Apply Styles
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