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Publisher 2010 Insert


Building Blocks allow you to create reusable content you can insert into your publication pages. For example, you can save your company’s logo and name as a custom building block that you can easily insert into your future publications without having to recreate all of the content or formatting.

The content that can be saved as a building block can range in complexity from simple text entries to more complex logos. The building block content is saved into a gallery, similar to how Clip Art is organized. 

Publisher 2010 Insert Building Blocks Group

You can create your own custom building blocks or you can download different types of building blocks that have already been created from Downloading samples from can also give new users a good idea of the possible uses of building blocks.

Let’s take a look at how to create your own custom building blocks in Publisher. First, you will need to create the content within a publication that you want to save and reuse as a building block. Often you will group the content together using the group command prior to saving. Once you have created the grouped content, you’ll then select it. As reference, we discussed how to group your objects in the Home tab – Arrange tutorial.

In the image below, we selected the logo in our brochure, A Rising Star Equestrian Center.

Publisher 2010 Insert Building Blocks Create

Once you have the content you want to save selected, you can then save it as a building block by clicking the Insert tab in the ribbon and then clicking the Page Parts button in the Building Blocks group. Near the bottom of the drop down menu choices, choose the Add Selection to Page Parts Gallery command.  

This will open the Create New Building Block dialog box. Here is where you will give Publisher the information that you need to store and organize the content for later use. First you can enter a name for the building block into the Title text field. Next, you have the option to enter in a description into the Description text field. Then you will want to use the Gallery drop down to choose the type of gallery into which you want to save the content.

Make sure the check box is checked for Show in Gallery to ensure the content is available in the gallery. Then use the Category drop down to choose either an existing classification category or to create a new category for classification purposes. 

Publisher 2010 Insert Building Blocks Keywords

You have the option to add keywords into the Keywords text field that will allow users to search for the part by keyword. This is optional.

Select OK when you are finished entering in your information.

Your selected content will now be saved as a building block into the selected template.

Once you have saved a building block, you can then easily reuse it in the future. Now we can look at how to insert the building block content, and also how to edit or delete existing building blocks.

In Publisher, you can use the building block library to perform many tasks related to the use of building blocks. This dialog box allows the user to insert, edit the properties of, or delete existing building block content.

Publisher 2010 Insert Building Blocks Library

 You access the dialog box by again selecting the Page Parts button in the Building Blocks section of the Insert tab. This time, select the More Page Parts command from the bottom of the drop down menu.

That will open the Building Block Library dialog box that you see below. This shows a listing of the building blocks available to use. Click on anyone of the building blocks shown to preview it in the right side of the dialog box.

You can see that in addition to the building blocks there are also folders which contain other building blocks.

To insert a building block, select it from the list and click on the Insert button at the bottom of the dialog box. 

Publisher 2010 Insert Building Blocks Insert

In addition to inserting a building block from the Building Block Library, you will also edit and delete building blocks there.

Publisher 2010 Insert Building Blocks Edit Delete

This time locate your building block in the dialog box and right click on it.

As you can see in the image to the left, you can select Delete from the drop down menu and your building block will no longer be saved in the library.

When you select Edit Properties, this will open the Edit Building Block Properties dialog box. Make your necessary changes and select OK.


You will notice that we have three more functions within the Building Blocks section of the Insert tab:  Calendars, Borders & Accents, and Advertisements. These are additional categories for potential building blocks to add to your publications. These are perhaps some of the more common building blocks, so you have quicker access versus going through the library. Simply click on one of these commands and click on a building block within the drop down box and it will be inserted into your publication.

Publisher 2010 Insert Building Blocks Show Library

Also note that you can access the Show Building Block Library button that appears in the lower right hand corner of the Building Blocks group. That will open the Building Block Library dialog box that we saw earlier.


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