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Publisher 2010 Insert

In this tutorial, we will review each function in the Text group in the Insert tab. The Text group allows you to insert text boxes, business information, WordArt, Files and more to your publications.

Publisher 2010 Insert Text Group

The first function shown in the Text group is Draw Text Box. This was already covered in a previous tutorial. To familiarize yourself with adding a text box, go to the Home tab – Objects tutorial.

In Publisher, you can input and save your business or personal information including name, position, address, email, logo, phone, and more into a business information set for ease of use in publications. You can create different business information sets for different users or different purposes. You can then select a set to use when creating a publication from a template in order to quickly and easily add that information to the publication in the designated areas.

Publisher 2010 Insert Text Business Information

You can enter a business information set for the first time by clicking the Insert tab and then clicking the Business Information drop down menu that appears in the Text group. Then select the Edit Business Information command to open up the Create New Business Information Set dialog box.

In this dialog box, you enter the desired information into the fields provided. Enter as much or as little information as you would like. To add a logo, select the Add Logo button.

Publisher 2010 Insert Text Logo

Navigate to the logo, click on it, and select Open. Be sure to enter a name for this particular set of information in the Business Information set name text box. When you are finished, select Save.


Now the Business Information dialog box will appear. In this dialog box, you can select which business information set to use by selecting the name from the Select a Business Information set drop down. 

Publisher 2010 Insert Text Edit Business Information

To change any of your business information, select Edit. This will open up the Edit Business Information Set dialog box that we saw earlier. You can also select an information set and then click the Delete button right next to it to delete that selected set. To create a new business information set, click the New button in the Business Information dialog box.

Then you would go through all of the same processes we just did and then click Save again.

Publisher 2010 Insert Text More Business Information

If you want to insert more types of building blocks into your publication, you can click the Business Information button again. From the drop down box, select the More Business Information command.


This will open the Building Block Library dialog box that we see below. Here you can select the building block from the items shown and click on the Insert button to insert it into your publication.

Publisher 2010 Insert Text Building Block Library
Publisher 2010 Insert Text Insert Business Information

You can also select the Business Information button and then click on the individual piece of information you would like to insert as a text box or shape into your current publication page from the field selection in the button’s drop down menu. You can see the individual fields in the image to the right: Individual name, Job position or title, Organization name, and more.

Next, we will review how you insert WordArt. WordArt is text that is created and formatted as if it were a shape. This means you can use many of the same formatting techniques and styles that you use when formatting shapes to also modify WordArt. You can insert WordArt into your publication by clicking the WordArt button in the Text section of the Insert tab.

This will display a colorful list of WordArt choices for you to select from in a drop down menu. Click on the style that you like.

Publisher 2010 Insert Text WordArt

When you select your WordArt, the Edit WordArt Text dialog box will open. In this dialog box, you enter the text that you want the WordArt to display in the Text field. You can also select the font that you want to use in the Font drop down menu. Then set a size for the font by using the Size drop down menu. You can also click bold or italicize, and apply those features to the text if desired.

After typing the text for the WordArt to display, click the OK button to automatically insert the WordArt into the publication page.

You can click on the WordArt and move it to the desired location.


Now you can modify its properties by using the format tab in the WordArt Tools contextual tab. Most of the buttons and groups on this tab are the exact same ones you can set for shapes. You can review this information in the Insert tab – Illustrations tutorial. 

Publisher 2010 Insert Text WordArt Tools

However, there is a group at the left end of this tab called Text that is unique to WordArt. The buttons in this group allow you to make changes to the text displayed in WordArt. You can click the Edit Text button to reopen the Edit WordArt Text dialog box where you can edit the text if needed.

Publisher 2010 Insert Text Edit WordArt Text
Publisher 2010 Insert Text Spacing

You can click the Spacing button in the Text section of the WordArt Tools contextual tab to display a drop down menu of choices that allow you to set the amount of spacing between letters in your WordArt. You can see in the image to the right that it is set at normal. To bring your letters closer together, select Tight or Very Tight. To add more spacing in between your letters, select Loose or Very Loose.

Clicking the Even Height button, allows you to make all of the letters in your WordArt the same height – both upper case and lower case.


To toggle the letters in the WordArt from vertical to horizontal display, select the Vertical Text button.

Publisher 2010 Insert Text Alignment

Finally, select the Alignment button, to set the horizontal alignment of each line of text displayed within the WordArt.

We will briefly cover the final functions within the Text section of the Insert tab. You will click on the Insert File button to insert text from a file into your publication. Select a text box, to have the text inserted into a specific box; otherwise, the text will be inserted into a new text box.

Publisher 2010 Insert Text Symbol

The Symbol function allows you to insert symbols into your publication that are not found on your keyboard.


Publisher 2010 Insert Text Date Time

Select the Date & Time button and the Date and Time dialog box will open. Choose an available format and select OK.

Finally, you can select the Object button to insert an embedded object. The Insert Object dialog box will open where you can browse for your file.

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