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Publisher 2010 Page Design


In Publisher, you can use the Page Setup section of the Page Design tab to set the dimensions of the paper, its layout, margins, and printable areas in your publication.

Publisher 2010 Page Design Page Setup Group

To do this, simply click the Page Design tab in the ribbon. The buttons that control the page layout of the publication are in the Page Setup section on this tab.


Publisher 2010 Page Design Page Setup Margins

You can click the Margins button to select the margins for your current publication. You can choose from the various ones shown in the drop down menu in the image to the right, or select Custom Margins option at the bottom.

Publisher 2010 Page Design Page Setup Custom

Selecting the Custom Margins will open the Layout Guides dialog box shown in the image to the left. In the Master Pages section you can check the Two-page master check box if you will be setting margins for a two-page master.

In the Margin Guides area, you can then enter custom margins into the Left, Right, Top, and Bottom boxes. Either enter a value in the box or use the arrows to change the dimensions.

When you are finished, select OK to apply the margins to your document.

The margins appear within your publication area as the blue lines that surround the page. When designing your publication, you want to make sure that you don’t place any content that you wish to print into the designated margin areas or you won’t see them.

Publisher 2010 Page Design Page Setup Orientation

You can also switch the page layout from portrait to landscape by clicking the Orientation drop down button in the Page Setup section of the Page Design tab.

Publisher 2010 Page Design Page Setup Size

You can also select a new paper size from the Size drop down button. You can select from the various options given in the image to the left, or choose the Create New Page Size option towards the bottom of the menu.

Publisher 2010 Page Design Page Setup Launcher

You can also create a custom page size, orientation, and margins all at once by using the Page Setup dialog box. To do this, select the Page Setup Dialog Box Launcher, located in the bottom-right corner of the Page Setup section.


In the Page Setup dialog box, you enter the Height and the Width of the paper in the boxes of the Page section. In the Margin guides section below that, you enter the desired margins for the Top, Left, Bottom, and Right. In the Layout type section, you use the drop down to choose the layout type. Select OK when finished to apply your page setup settings.

Publisher 2010 Page Design Page Setup Settings
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