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Publisher 2010 Page Design


Publisher 2010 Page Design Template Ribbon

In Publisher, you can customize publication pages themselves using the various fill effect formatting you have also seen applied to shapes and pictures. You can find these formatting options in the Page Design tab of the ribbon. In addition, you will utilize this tab to adjust your page margins and orientation as well as set layout guides to assist in the alignment of objects in your publication. 

Publisher 2010 Page Design Template Group

In this tutorial, we will review the first section of the Page Design tab, Template. If you have created any new publications using Microsoft Publisher 2010, you already know there are a number of templates to choose from to help you get started.


The good news is, if you choose a template and you do a lot of work and prepare a lot of content using that template, you can always change the template later on and continue to use your content. Let’s take a look at how we would accomplish changing the template on our Horse Boarding brochure.

After opening your document, select the Change Template button from the Template section of the Page Design tab.

Publisher 2010 Page Design Template Change Template

The Change Template window will appear, as shown in the image below. Here we will click on Home, located near the top of the window, so you can go back to the various categories and groups. In this case we are working with brochures, so we are going to select Brochures to use one of the preset templates. 

Publisher 2010 Page Design Template Brochures

Now we see options for brochures. We are going to select the Arrows template by clicking on it. Over on the right side you have the ability to choose different Color and Font Schemes if you don’t like the default. The preview at the top of the window pane will adjust as you make changes.

The Business Information that is going to appear on this can be selected as well. If you set up your business information, you can select it from the drop down box. Establishing business information was discussed in a previous tutorial, Publisher 2010 – Insert – Text.

In the Options section, you can choose the Page Size and Form. When you are finished making your selections, click OK.

Publisher 2010 Page Design Template Customize

The next information you are going to see is a question. Because you have an existing publication, do you want to apply the template to the current publication or create a new publication using all of your text and graphics? 

Publisher 2010 Page Design Template Create New Publication

We are going to stick with the default option, Create a new publication using my text and graphics, and select OK.

The brand new brochure is set up. We have our page one and two thumbnails showing on the left. We can find some of our business information that is inserted for us on the main page.

On the right hand side, you will see the Content Manager which includes the Extra Content. We are seeing extra content because we chose to create a new publication using our text and graphics. It is just a matter of clicking on the images and/or text and dragging them to the appropriate location in the publication.

Publisher 2010 Page Design Template Extra Content

When you are finished adding your content, you can close the content pane by clicking on the “x” in the upper-right hand corner of the pane. Now you have created a brand new publication using a different template, but keeping access to all of the information and content that appeared in the previous version of the publication.

Publisher 2010 Page Design Template Options

The other button in the Template section is Options. This will allow you to choose formatting options for the template page.

This button is currently grayed out because it is only available for newsletter, catalog, greeting card, and invitation card templates.

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This concludes the Template tutorial.
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