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Understanding the Basics of Computers, Special Edition
August 20, 2017

Understanding the Basics of Computers Your source for computer tips and tricks

28th Edition

Welcome to the August 20th issue of Understanding the Basics of Computers. We have new pages coming out every week and the video tutorials are taking off as well. I hope the articles I have chosen in this issue help you with your computer problems or teach you something you didn't know before.

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-Power Point 2016 Create Sections -Excel 2016 Filter -Windows 10 Updates

Power Point 2016 - Create Sections

Power Point 2016 has a great feature to organize your slides. You can create sections in your presentation. To do this click on the section button in the home tab. This will put a drop down menu in your slide navigation panel. Once you have your section entered you can move it around to separate your slides by clicking and dragging the title of the section in the navigation panel. When the section in the location you want right click and select rename section. This will highlight the section title. Begin typing the title you would like. Great way to organize a long slideshow.

Word 2016 - Format Painter

Format Painter is a feature that most people don’t know about. This is a huge time saver! If you have a word document that you have spent a lot of time changing fonts, adding bullets, etc. and will continue using those features throughout the document this will save you a bunch of time. Simply highlight the text that has the format you want. Now click on the format Painter button in the Home tab, clipboard section. This will change your cursor to a paint brush icon. Now highlight everything you want to have the same format. When you release your mouse button the format changes will take effect.
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Excel 2016 - Filter

Inserting a filter in an Excel spreadsheet can be a huge time saver. A filter allows you to select a row and place sorting arrows on each cell in that row. This will let you sort by any column in that row and it will keep the data in the other columns together. Select a row on your spreadsheet by highlighting each cell in the row. Now click on the Data Tab. In the sort & filter section click on the filter button. This will place the sorting arrows in each cell in the highlighted row. Click the down arrow on the row you would like to sort by and select on how you want to sort from the options listed.
I hope this issue of Understanding the Basics of Computers was helpful. If you have any suggestions for next months issue or comments on this issue please let me know.Keep learning about your computer,Jennifer Decker">">
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