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Understanding the Basics of Computers, Issue #005
February 28, 2009

A PDF file is a file that is platforms independent, which means whether you use windows, Mac or Linux you will see the PDF document in the same format. It is a great way to send your important documents to others in same and secure format. Using a PDF converter you can convert your web pages, emails, books any others important documents into .pdf files.

There are several free software programs you can down load such as Universal Document Converter. Once a program is installed you will see an additional printer in your print Window.

To convert your document into a PDF file click the print button. When the Print Window opens click the down arrow for the Printer Names. This will give you a list of all the printers that are installed on your computer. Then click the selection that says PDF. Click Print and your Windows explorer window will open for you to choose a location to save your PDF file. That is it, very simple.

Compatibility issues with Office 2007

If you share your documents with someone that uses an older version of Microsoft Office they will not be able to open a file that is created in Office 2007. Office 2007 saves the files with a different file extension that is not compatible with older versions. Microsoft Office 2007 has given us a way around this.

To fix this problem when you go to save a document click the Office Logo in the top left corner then place your mouse over the Save As option to see the other options you have to save. Select Word 97-2003 Document. This will change the file format so someone using the same file created in Office 2007 will be able to view your file. Notice when your Save As window come up that the extension is different that usual. If it is an Excel document it will now be .xls or word will be .doc.

New Technology Microsoft Office 14

Microsoft was going to release a new version of Office in the beginning part of 2009 but is now going to hold off until mid to late 2010. A spokes person from Microsoft stated that they were working on reducing the cost of the Office product because of the option to download Open Office and Microsoft Office being heavily pirated.

So you still have plenty of time to learn and work with Microsoft Office 2007 before they change things up on you.

I hope this issue of Understanding the Basics of Computers was helpful. If you have any suggestions for next months issue or comments on this issue please let me know.

Keep learning about your computer,
Jennifer Anderson

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