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Understanding the Basics of Computers, Issue #017
December 01, 2010

Ezine issue 17

Understanding the Basics of Computers

Your source for computer tips and tricks for the beginner computer user

December 1, 2010 Issue 17

Welcome to the December issue of Understanding the Basics of Computers. I hope the articles I have chosen in this issue help you with your computer problems or teach you something you didn't know before.

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In this issue:

  • Personalize your Windows 7 Desktop
  • Learn more about Word 2007 bullet points
  • Lock or Freeze columns and rows in Excel 2007

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Personalize your Windows 7 Desktop

Windows 7 has some neat features to personalize the appearance of your desktop and make it your own. There are 2 ways to get to the personalization feature in Window 7. The first way is to click on Start, select Control Panel and in the left navigation column click on Personalization. This will open the personalization window. The other way to enter the personalization window is to right click anywhere on your desk top and select the personalization option from the menu.

When the Personalization window is open you have options to change your desktop background, change the color of your windows, your screen saver, or sounds.

Click on the Desktop background link. I like to put pictures of my family on my desktop. To do this, open your file where you keep pictures. Window 7 has a neat feature of changing your desktop background in a set number of minutes. You can select multiple pictures and then click the save button. The pictures will work like a slide show. You can save a theme with your selection to make it easy to change back and forth between photos selections you like. If you don't want to have photos on your desktop you can select one of the themes provided by Microsoft

To change the color of the window color click on the Window color link this will open the color and appearance window. Make your selection and click save changes then the boarder of you open windows will change to the selected color.

Click on the Sound link to open the sound window. This window lets you select a different theme using the drop down arrow or select custom sounds for actions on your computer. You can assign a sound to any feature in the list by clicking on the feature and selecting a sound from the sound list of browse to a sound saved on your computer. Click Save Changes to return to the personalization window.

The last feature I am going to cover is the Screen Saver. Click on the Screen Saver link. Click on the down arrow to see a list of selection. When you have made a selection Set the time you would like the computer to be idle before the screen saver come on then click OK to save the changes and return to the personalization window. Click the Red X in the upper right corner to close the window and save your changes.

I hope you had fun with this article.

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Learn more about Word 2007 bullet points

Bullets in Word 2007 can add a lot to a document not just for organization but for style as well. By clicking on the bullet button and not the arrow you will get the default bullet entered into your document.

To insert a bullet point into a Word 2007 document click on the down arrow on the bullet button located in the Paragraph section of the home tab. This menu will give you a preview of a small number of the bullets you can select from. I am going to show you how to make them more custom. Click the define new bullet selection from the menu. This will open the Define New Bullet window. Click on the Symbol button to see more selections that can be used for your bullets. Close the window when you have browsed the symbols and click on the picture button. This is where you can choose anything you wish. If you have internet access check the include content from Office Online box this will place more options in your preview box. If you don't see what you want in preview box click the Import button this gives you unlimited options. Any pictures or icons you have on your computer is at your disposal to use for a bullet. Browse to the file where the image is located and select it and click add. This will place the image in your preview box.

Have fun playing with inserting different bullets into your next Word 2007 documents.

Lock or Freeze columns and rows in Excel 2007/font>

Locking and freezing columns and rows in Excel can make reading large data sheet easier to read. Locking and freezing keeps the set row in place while the rest of the spreadsheet scrolls.

The Freeze Panes button is in the Window section of the View tab in Excel 2007. Click the down arrow on this button you are given 3 options Freeze Panes, Freeze top row, and freeze first column. To use the freeze panes option highlight the entire row or column, you can highlight more than one if you would like, and click the freeze panes option. If you use one of the other 2 options you do not need to highlight any cells.

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Tutorials added this month will be Outlook 2007 Folder List, Building a website.

I hope this issue of Understanding the Basics of Computers was helpful. If you have any suggestions for next months issue or comments on this issue please let me know.

Keep learning about your computer,
Jennifer Anderson

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