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Windows 7 Updates

Updates in Windows 7 are very important. The Windows updates help keep your computer safe from viruses and secure from hackers. In the Windows 7 updates tutorial we will cover the security features in the control panel and I will take you through how to keep your computer safe and secure.

Usually when you set up your computer you set it to automatically update. You can check your settings by opening the control panel and clicking on the windows update link in the window that opens click on the Change settings link on the left hand navigation bar.

Windows 7 Update Change Settings

In the Change settings defaults to install updates automatically. Click the dropdown arrow on the Important updates section to see the list of options. Below this menu is where you set the time to install new updates. I like to set this of a time that I know I can have my computer running but will not be actively using it. I do this because sometimes updates can slow down the computer when they are being installed and I don't like to interrupt my work.

If you choose to select any of the other setting you need to be disciplined and install the updates manually by clicking the start menu then click Windows Update.

Windows 7 Update symbol

You may have seen the Windows 7 logo in the bottom right hand corner of your computer. It would look like this.

This logo will appear when you have your setting set to automatic update. This is a good sign that windows has automatically found and update and is downloading and installing it for you.

Click OK to save any changes and return to the windows update window.

Windows 7 Update

In this window it will give you an overview of your update settings and if you have the recommended options selected only critical updates will automatically be installed and optional updates will appear in a link. If optional updates are available click the link to open the window and place a check mark in next to the updates you wish to install and click the OK button to complete the installation and return to the update window.

Click the back arrow in the upper left corner to return to the control panel.

Next we will cover the Windows Firewall. A firewall restricts information that comes to your computer from other computers. You can think of a firewall as a barrier that checks information coming from the internet or a network and then either turns it away or allows it to pass through to your computer, depending on your firewall settings.

In the control panel click on the Windows Firewall link.

Windows 7 Firewall

If the firewall settings are on as you see in the example above you are OK. If the firewall settings are off click on the Turn Windows Firewall on or off link. The user customized settings window will open. Make sure ON is selected for both home and public network. I would not recommend checking block all incoming connections because some of the antivirus programs and printer update programs require access to the internet. Windows will give you the option to allow programs to access the internet so you can customize it as you go.

When you are finished click OK to return to Window Firewall window. After returning to the Firewall window click the Control Panel Home link in the left hand navigation pane.

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