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Anti Virus

this will teach you about anti virus on your computer.

Anti-virus software is so important for your computer. This software prevents viruses from being installed on your computer from emails, websites or other virus sources. A computer virus is a program that has ill effects on your computer and can spread to other computers on your network or spread through your email contacts. A virus can prevent files and programs from working properly and can be a real pain to get rid of. Preventative action is best.

There are several anti-virus programs on the market and everyone has their opinion of which one is best. It is a matter of personal opinion. There are paid versions of the software, free ones and online scans.

Anti-virus software should be updated regularly. There are always new viruses coming out and without the updates your anti-virus software is useless.

One of my favorite free anti-virus programs is AVG. You can download this free at scroll to the bottom and select the basic download. This will walk you through a wizard to download and install the software on your computer. When you are finished installing it run the full system scan and remove anything it finds. After that you can let the default scheduled scans run and make sure you accept all updates that are offered.

If you think you have a virus on your computer it may not let you install anti-virus software. If you are still able to access the internet, which can sometimes be prevented by a virus, try running the online scan provided by Trend Micro. You can find that scan at this link. this will scan your computer for viruses without having to install software on your computer. When the scan completes you may have to pay for removal but it is less expensive than taking your computer into get fixed.

There are several types of viruses and they all act a little different and affect different aspects of your computer. If you have specific question about a virus you think you may have on your computer you can email me your question at