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Yvonne Anderson 
I have a Mac Pro, and every time they upgrade or change things, I become lost. I know about power point, and web pages, etc, but I don’t need that. …

How to Fast Create a Perfect Free Website with WIX (for Beginners) 
How to Fast Create a Perfect Free Website with WIX (for Beginners) Ready to build a visually stunning and fully functional website? Then you must be …

Window 10 
Pls How can i install window10 into my new laptop computer

Newbie struggling to understand malware and viruses 
Im unable to get past my login page on windows 7 on dell laptop i got 2nd hand ,i removed admin password so i thought now im locked out im unable to get …

Continuous section break 
how do i Insert a Continuous section break in each of the following locations in the document to prepare for inserting columns and balancing them: a. …

I know long emails are not welcomed...I would like to apologize ahead of time...    O M G , I AM SO SORRY... I DIDN'T KNOW OR I DON'T KNOW …

phone storage  
hi!my android mobile storage is full ,want to move all on my pc or laptop,from medical documents ,family videos pictures ,don't want to delete them to …

Microsoft Excel 
What are the differences and similarities between excel 2010 and 2016???

Alex Popo 
Hi there, I have a smart tv-box added to a normal TV. I'd like to now how to install handy as a mirroring screen? Thanks a lot! Alex

Please teach us how to use HTML

gee mail 

Application package 
On what condition will you say an application package is acceptable?

about audio problem  
My laptop sound or any types of sound can not produce by my laptop 
Do you have Tutorials for Windows 7 (approximately year 2015) Thank you for your help.

can't open my email inbox from google home page? 
Hello I'm so sorry i already sent a message but i cant remember if i included this... Im an oldy the memory isn't so good... anyway when i open …

google... problems.  
Hi im an "oldy Senior guy... I should have used this site a long time ago... i hope you don't mind my very basic text... there's a lot of grammar errors. …

Hi I was wondering if you could help me work my pc for using the internet?

2nd buyers 
iv got a 2nd hand dell 1545 inspiron i cant get my admin password i get my hint then lost i didt no id set it im so new learning im really having problams …

The page you go to to get to email is off to right and i cant move it to use it canyou help

Hi,I have windows 8:1. When using the computer for any purpose a message flashes up in a white rectangle on a full black screen saying "Auto Adjustment …

Administrative Secretary 
I haven't added numbers to a footer for years. How do I keep the numbers consistent? I don't want a number on page 1, so I go down to page 2 and add …

I need helo and instruction how to get on facebook

grace hedlund 
i need to put jpgs from camera into "my pictures". at 84 yrs. w/brain injury,it has to be simple.

how to send email in multiple copy

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Farming Simulator Help 
How do I download farming simulator 2017 mods for my dvd-rom game

Cause of Computer Crashing 
What causes a computer to CRASH. My friend & I are going by your tutorial site but his computer Crashed when he decided to try a DVD-ROM Game. ( what ever …

My flashdrive messed up a website I pay for can I fix this

Window 7 re moving pictures. 
How do I coppy some of my pictures from my iphone SE to my laptop which has Windows 7? Also I was at walmart the other day and wanted to get some photos …

windows 7pro FOLDERS 
WHERE IS THE PRIMARY OPERATING DOCUMENTS FOLDER ?? C:disk ? Desktop ? Library or Other ? Where ALL information is recorded & passed onto the …

Maintenance Lead 
I am attempting to get an average from a range of cells. My problem is I want just an average of outlined cells within the total range. For example, my …

needed info 
I'm creating a document with lines for each device for a Lock out document . When I try to insert a blank area for later use , the page puts a bigger blank …

Prevent solid line without my request. 
When making a form I try making a few straight lines and then hit Enter and it goes back and makes one wide black line instead of allowing me to continue …

Types of web browsers

wireless wifi set up 
how to setup a wireless network whenyou also have dsl service?

Bob in charge 
Like you writing style so far and love your reasons for doing this. I'm one of the "older" generation, (a young 73) and feel that my phone is sometimes …

Where is my photo icon on my new Dell computer ? 
Just got a new Dell computer , it has windows 10, where is the photo icon so I can upload photos ?

Multiple windows on the screen 
how do i keep internet tutorial on the screen when trying to follow the instructions on word?

which kerna data structure is used in window 7 ?

how to open pdf files 
Hello am senior citizen and novice at all the tech stuff swirling around us---my question is was given a refurbished desk top computer--have windows …

application packages. 
Can you help me with 30 examples of computer application packages and their uses. Thanks.


Cd player 
Does computer have cd player?

folder access problem  
I use windows 8 version notebook I delete the program that i don't know what it is but after delete that,I have problem with open the folder It's not …

Plattsburgh Pregnancy Center 
How can I add a new printer connection to this computer?

How to use computer calulator?


Powerpoint 2010 home tab unable to get it 
Hi, In this tutorial home tab of powerpoint unable to open.....saying no such url....please kindly help this out as quickly as possible

I tried to send pictures worked in MSword through mail but, writing too large file. Pls How can I do this?

transfer Facebook pictures to the same computer 
I would like to save some of my Facebook pictures by putting them on the same computer under pictures. I want to copy some of them on a UBS and then copy …

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disk formatting 
What is disk formatting and ts type

Get blue screen asks for password got rectangle box won't let me in tried putting password in after the word password different pages come up and everything …

i have tried info on putting photos on computer from cell phone but it did not work hope u have a better way thanks

sd card 
Hi good evening.mam I have my children's videos .they are memories want to save them online.with privacy.can you suggest something besides can you provide …

print both side margins 
when I t my left margin and print both sides of the paper does it auto set the back of the next page or do I have to set it up somehow?

family photo 
Hi mam.recently when I removed SD card .some videos and pics were not shown.want to know some advice how to save video and pictures.& if I delete them …

new computer 
hi mam.hope you are fine ,as new and beginner to computer and unaware of its operations .am attracted to icons .can you tell me how can i download them …

Windows 7 file structure 
I have sectors linked together that aren't file(s). I want to make those into files so that they can be deleted. How can I do this?

excel 2007 "get external data" is grayed out 
Greetings: Thank you for providing this service! On one of my excel 2007 {compatibility mode) xls files the entire "get external data" …

Keep icons from moving on desktop. 
How do you move icons on the desktop and keep them in that place?

page set up word 2007 
Hi, Dear, how to page setup word 2007 ? Ex. suppose first page top margin = 3.7" so another page have apply. …

saving video 
Hi dear mam I am newbi .I waanna know how to and where to save my private photo movi and music u have detailed tutorial a to z for this subject.kindly …

broken links in Word 2010 tutorials 
In the Word 2010 tutorials (I know Word 2016 is available but 2010 is similar enough and a great tutorial that I want to use with a small group until you …

Word 2016 
Any tutorials on Word 2016? I find word to be a horrific program and can only believe that it must be me. I would like to get a very good tutorial to …

ken kehoe 
question---my favorite bar is small and titles only part visible how can i change this make bigger

example of half duplex and give atm is example of half duplex

how to make screen larger

airline ticket  
hi good evening ,sir I want to know how to send an airline ticket ,that is via smart phone the easy way ,suppose I have a ticket in my computer ,how to …

I want to know the way of downloading windows 7

about computer  
my computer has been logged on by someone,and it asks me "don't shutdown! if u do that data will lose",when i try to shutdown it.

excell words 
how can i enter cubic meters by its formula?

how to paste 
where do i get info to learn how to paste?

mr barry winters 
I seem to be unable to maximise web pages PERMINATLY on windows 7 why

Tutor at a senior citizens club 
I have taught a senior citizens class a number of basic skill using Word. I am wondering if you have any lessons or tutorials that can use these skills … 
On your list of tutorials you've listed Word 2007 and Word 2007 tutorials whats the difference which one should I do first?

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net work internate 
sir how i install network internate connection in my computer please guide me step by step thanks & regards

incoming connections is block how do i UN block to allow all programs

How to merge two flie in window xp?

Why does one of my three computers at home not allow me Internet access when the other two always do?

size of monitor screen how to change? 
My monitor screen doesn't reduce when I come in from either side. Also I can not get the ADS on the side of the screen to disappear.

desktop icons 
how to arrange desktop icons in alph order on a dell inspron running windows 7 ?

pdf file 
how can i safe my word file and folder into pdf file and how to mail it safely? 
how can i delete spelling check ?

how do you reset a password that you already forgot?

How do I hook up printer to my computer? 
I just got a new 8.1 laptop .I tried to watch a movie on it but was unable to do so .The disc seemed to start but nothing ever came up on the screen .How …

I had a virus about 3 weeks ago. I have Viper Antivirus. They cleaned it for me. But ever since I have had trouble downloading anything from internet. …

W-7 tools 
How do I activate tools? 
I have recently bought used computer which seems to function well but the screen is only filled in the center and I have been unable to adjust picture …

heeverything is black,i am trying to get it off my computer,helplp 
iii cannot see how to write in box,it is blacl what can i do?

performance alert 
A pop up performance alert comes up saying high memory use by host process for windows services. Since this started my computer is running very slow on …

yahoo main page 
how can I put back my yahoo . main page to find my e/mail back . I have now msn or bing .Thank you so much

i use this site for my students in literacy using computers I was hoping you could add it to your site for your European and Irish clients. WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/USER/FOYOUT …

See below 
I am working on my resume. My resume is in an email. I want to convert the resume to Word and eventually to PDF. Anyway, to convert/save my resume to Word, …

how to adding files to new folder 
I have several files on the same subject and would like to put them in folders. How can I do that.

Make copy, create a file and convert it tp pdf for emailing.

My friend in Belgium has AVAST anti virus installed on windows 7 its a trail version I wanted to uninstall it HOW TO DO IT CORRECTLY. Also i see EssentialPim5 …

indroduction to computers 
how can we start a computer?

Where are my contacts? 
I had to restore my PC back to the factory software and then install MS Office 2007. I then restored my most current outlook.pst and archive.pst files … 
I have written a page of information and I have several pictures on my Olympus camera that I want to place on this page that is on my computer. The page …

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Sponsored Post 
Hi, I would like to publish a sponsored article on your blog. Please get back to me with the cost. Thanks and Regards, Garima Mehta

I want to insert family group sheets from family tree maker into a family history I am writing. The history is totally written in word and the group sheets …

How do you transfer files and programs from a PC to a laptop<

alphabetize documents from A to Z 
How do you arrange the files in my document folders alphabetically from A to Z. Right now I get Z to A and finding files backwards is hard.

Page Set up - Issues IN EXCEL 
I made a page set up in Excel workbook using Laptop and tried to print it by using my desktop but page set up changes. Why is it happening and how to resolve …

what is a software?

Printing a Doc 
When you get an e mail, open it but it covers your tool bar, what can I do to print it? Thanks

what is use of data validation in Exce-2007? and how it works?

I want to know the various parts of the mouse and if there are various types of mouse.

What is a server ?

How do you make computer louder? (volume control on toolbar already maximized)

wana buy all tutorial and resell and teach my students 
helo wana buy all this and resell and teach my students online thanks

I have win 8 and when i open computer i can't get to folder options?

hi im marques, im learning basic classes so im started with tutorial typing. how do I practice typing some sentence?

forgoten password for a windiws 7 pc 
What to do if you forget your password to your windows7 pc

Mr Hopper 
How do you add a printer in the Control Panel?

In windows 2007 word please give me the steps to download a file that I have to make changes to?

I need to know how to enter Favorites. I use my computer all the time and have learned "on my own" the functions I know. There are many basic functions …


Melissa Henningsen 
how can I have a tool bar with file, edit, view, and tools etc on it?

Hi, I am helping an elderly person who does not have internet. I would like to download your corses for use on their system not connected to the internet. …

send button in powerpoint 2007 
I made a powerpoint presentation for school. I am ready to send it as an e-mail. The screen comes up as an e-mail. I fill it all in but I can't find a …

What is Windows (2007) Tile windows in desktop ? 
How to access Tile windows, I need a fast answer

You are creating a chart within a Word 2007 document. You highlight an entire row of cells within the table. What happens as a result?

Just found this website after many months of struggling to learn to use Windows (notebook, I think). Has a lot I don't think I need (skype, web cam,communicate …

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How do I fix "out of memory on line :____" problem? 
I have no clue how it became out of memory or how to increase windows memory. I'm a senior citizen who basically uses internet for facebook, e-mail, IM … 
To copy paste I can high light the para by left clicking but when I release the left click button the high light goes off hence cannot right click to "paste" …

i can not hear any sound on my computer. what can i do so i can hear sound?

How do I put my contact information at the end of a email so it show up every time I write an email.

mz b 
How do I get to my DESKTOP properties on Windows 7? I have the gadgets, et al., but I need the properties. Please HELP!!

free computers for seniors 
Is there an organizination that will give or donate a computer to an elderly person.

Dawn - homemaker 
Hello, I would like to know how to cancel a print job that is partially complete. Can you help? Thanks!

ms williams 
what is the formula to make a check register in excel?

Back up data?. 
- Operating system: Windows XP Professional. - Acer Desktop Computer purchased: in 2008 - Last repair: September 2011. New Harddrive and memorie sticks. …

How private is private 
Can I 'web cam'/ actually see my children and grands without the sharing the picture or audio with everyone that owns a computer? How can I talk to them …

Getting Started 
how do I know if I know if have windows XP or Vista or Windows 7?

computer want load internet 
i can't get on any web site , computer send a message saying web page not available i try to reload page and it says the same thing how can i fix this …

blue sceen on computer 
i have a computer showing a blue screen on it now what do i do , help me fix it

computer want let me on internet 
i have a dell computer that want let me on the internet why, i don't have a driver are xp boot disk help

virus how to fix them 
i don't have the money to send my computer to a tech to get it fix i need fix my own can you help

Tab settings and tab stops 
How do I insert a tab,like those lines in a form using word 2007?

Jay Pohl, admin asst 
The "group" feature on the page layout menu is grayed out so that I can't use it. How can I activate the "group" feature?

confused-dont know what to do now 
i have windows 7 and tried to download adobe reader and it ran and said completed but when i went to a site it says it doesnt have it can you tell me …

Decreasing font on web mail 
I'm missing somethingLOL. Im trying to make the font smaller when I'm creating mail (like down from 12 to 10) but it keeps going back to the original …

[correctting an error once to filter through] 
How can I correct a spelling error in one word to automatically correct it in the same word that appears multiple times in a document.

Windows Vista, My VGA connection no longer works but The DVI does work. This happened after a thunder storm Any thoughts? Thanks, …

steven ray kay 
I am trying to find out how the processor relates to the ram stick. If I upgrade the ram, is it necessary to upgrade the processor as well?


desktop background 
I cannot get full coverage of any image. Cannot figure our why. drrr! Thanks much! Paul

when clicking on bibliograpy word is freezing what is the best troubleshooting step to avoide this problem

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how does a directory structure look like and put it in words to explain?

I have a Canon PIXMA MG5220 printer that allows me to do "duplex" printing, which just basically prints on both sides of the paper automatically. I do …

Sheet tab at bottom disapeared 
Sheet tabs at bottom of spread sheet are gone

copy songs to a cd 
how to copy songs to a cd or dvd in windows7?

how to check weekly computer activity vista 
How do I check my computer (vista) activity for a week or longer. For example if I was trying to find a date when I downloaded an "add on" calendar …

Senior beginner 
Are classes given somewhere?

Owner Pierce Construction & Repair 
Is there a way to set multiple decimal tabs on a page so that I can tab over and type in cost numbers to be added later? Also where is the feature that … 
AoA My Name is Ahmad Hassaan. I am going to Launch a website for a educational or research purpose for Students, teachers, and Professional People. …

free software 
My husband stays on the web. He shops, visits forums and does lots of research. He does not download anything, but his computer is running very slow. …


Ribbon in 2007 
how do i set up the ribbon in 2007?

Inserting a text box/link within a word that disappears when you click on it 
I am trying to figure out how I can insert a link/text box etc. into a word within a document that once you click on it will disappear you can write what …

Background on brochure 
How do you insert a background on a brochure on Microsoft Word 1997?

how do i learn basic e-mail ops

mail merge 
How to do a mailmerge


How people are hacking your Facebook account Not rated yet
Today, without a doubt, Facebook is the most widely used digital platform in the world. Nearly 2 billion people connect to it regularly and we all have …

How to Choose Domain Name?  Not rated yet
A domain name is essential like a vast branding opportunity! It serves the first impression when customers are visiting your website. Choose a slick and …

Basic Troubleshooting Tips for Every Computer Owner Not rated yet
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gmail - EMAIL problems! Not rated yet
Hello, Is this a type of forum? sent a message yesterday, sorry "POST". I don't know if I included the fact that, if you reply to my old email address …

How to find detailed tutorials of Windows 7 Sound settings control? Not rated yet
I am having trouble increasing the base sound level in Windows 7 Home 64bit software. Where to go for extensive tutorials to customize sound control management? …

Please assist my brother Bobby Not rated yet
Hi I am Robby, I recently purchased a 2 & 1 HP computer for me and my brother, Bobby. Bobby lives in Antioch, CA. I live in North Augusta, SC. Is there …

miss Not rated yet
15 examples of desktop publishing and their explanations

For: Jennifer  Not rated yet
Jennifer, During a Search, I discovered your, Video Tutorials, and was wondering, whether your Tutorials are capable of providing me information regarding, …

See below Not rated yet
I am working on my resume. My resume is in an email. I want to convert the resume to Word and eventually to PDF. Anyway, to convert/save my resume to Word, …

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runtime error Not rated yet
I want to remove run time error

Human Computer Interaction Not rated yet
How to generate alternative design for human interactive devices

Tj Not rated yet
Every page in Craig's list I click on shows up in favorites. Why?

internet properties Not rated yet
I am in internet properties I don't know what to do about questions with genre l security privacy connection program advance

Control+Click Not rated yet
This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. please contact your System Administrator. I AM the administrator, and …

InsydeH20 Setup Utilty Not rated yet
How to create or change the supervisor password?

rkb Not rated yet
having problem with my desk top. it won't start. its windows xp professional

STEVE Not rated yet

How do I take the training with show me (arrows). Outlook Not rated yet
I need to learn Outlook and I do not see how you do the program with show me (arrows). Is this a headphone training and you just read??? I need to …

Changing location of network shared files Not rated yet
I am able to share files from their default location in XP C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents using a router and wifi.. I want to move these …

Veronica Not rated yet
Just found this website after many months of struggling to learn to use Windows (notebook, I think). Has a lot I don't think I need (skype, web cam,communicate …

What it meant by title? Not rated yet
10:45 pm 11 Feb 2013 Hi - I will start reading some tutorials but haven't yet...question: I am bothered with 'just some' incoming emails that do not …

copy and paste Not rated yet

virus Not rated yet
how to clean out virus

Question about wifi access on Windows 7 ???? Not rated yet
HI! Hope you can help me out!! I live in a Senior building which provides free Wifi to the residents on a public network that uses no access code. …

[Outlook Tasks and Owner changes] Not rated yet
I am experiencing inconsistancies with Outlook Task information within a network server. Outlook is not always updating the initiator as far as who the …

Jim Not rated yet
Please help with a lesson on bakying up ms outlook. Thanks

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