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Bob in charge

by Bob Wood
(Fresno, CA)

Like you writing style so far and love your reasons for doing this.

I'm one of the "older" generation, (a young 73) and feel that my phone is sometimes smarter than I am. I have an unused Surface Pro 3 that's still in the box. Gotta figger how to register it, whatever that entails.

I'm On a Social Security based fairly limited budget. And a technical knowledge base that is fairly limited, computer-wise. I've realized I needed to understand the basics, so searched and found your website.

The basic reason for my limited knowledge is that I simply did not grow up with a smart phone in my left hand while eating dinner. Just did not grow up with it.

I'll start watching your lessons, as they look to be laid out on a gradient of understanding, which is good. Will keep you posted if you want. my suggestion:

One of the biggest barriers to study and learning any subject is the understanding of the words used. You teach in basic English, so no real problem there. use "Tech Terms" which sometimes I don't know or use.

My suggestion is to put an easy to understand tab I can click on that simply defines terms used in just plain English. Or..highlight the tech type words so I can just click and presto, up comes a simple definition.

A simple example.....If you wanted to learn to drive and I said, "well, it's simple....just put the key into the ignition and turn." Huh? What's an ignition? Turn which direction? Well...., it's really the ignition switch, and not the ignition! Ignition can mean the verb, "to ignite or fire up" And there ya go...what does "fire up" mean? And on and on.

Enough. Back to my studying your tutorials....

Bob Wood

ps: I have a few more questions and suggestions to help you get more viewers, but later for those....

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Mar 14, 2017
by: Jennifer

Hi Bob,
Thank you so much for your comments and suggestions. I will start working on a definition page. That is a GREAT idea! I welcome any other comments. If you need help with your Surface Pro I'd be happy to help.


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