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can't open my email inbox from google home page?

by Glyndwer (Glenn) Gorden Powell
(Brampton Ontario, Canada)

IE or Microsoft edge change home page

IE or Microsoft edge change home page


I'm so sorry i already sent a message but i cant remember if i included this...

Im an oldy the memory isn't so good... anyway when i open google now and click on mail i keep getting GOOGLES homepage every time. Before when i clicked on mail (on the google search engine page)... it would go right to my inbox... just happened today Tuesday Mar 27

The message i sent a little while ago (TODAY) i don't know if i put the above problem in the message?


Thank you for your time,


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Mar 28, 2018
Changing Home Page
by: Jennifer

Hello Glenn,

Thank you for being more specific. I can give you a better answer now. It does seem like you changed your home page. To change it back if you have Google Chrome click on settings(three dots in the upper right corner) then go to the appearance section make sure show home button is turned on. Now type the website in enter custom web address.

If you have IE (Blue E) go to settings Click the down arrow for Open Microsoft Edge with and select a specific page or pages. Then type the website address where it says Enter a URL.

I hope this helps.

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