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Computer Tutorials

Learn To Use Your Computer With One-On-One Training Phone Calls

You’ll absolutely love a one-on-one phone computer tutorial session. No matter how frustrated and intimidated your computer makes you feel, a Computer-Tutorials training session will help you feel at ease. I will help you master the areas of your computer you use the most.  All lessons are tailored to your specific needs, you tell me what you want to learn.

Each training session is done using plain English. No confusing computer jargon. No technical language.

You will work with a patient, easy-to-understand and experienced teacher who can help you become more comfortable using your computer. I specialize in working with new and intermediate users, seniors and students.

Call 303-931-2206 to book your appointment.

You customize each session.
I teach you what you want to learn. You name it.

  • Purchasing and/or setting up a computer
  • Sending and receiving e-mail - including attachments such as pictures
  • Finding the information you need on the Internet
  • Installing and running anti-virus and spyware software
  • Using online banking
  • Accessing your library on-line
  • Using Windows
  • Using Word and other word processing programs
  • Learning Microsoft Office programs
  • Uploading pictures from your digital camera
  • Buying and selling on e-Bay & Craig's List
  • Internet/Web
  • Setting up and downloading pictures from a Digital Camera
  • Burning CD’s
  • Backing up your data
  • And More!!

Learn the way that works best for you.

Schedule a phone call with a personal trainer. Get started with your lessons today.

Call 303-931-2206 to book your appointment.

Purchase one phone lesson for $40 and receive $10 off your second lesson. 

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Phone Computer Tutorials Testimonial - June 9, 2017

I'm recently widowed and found my self alone w/no job skills to find employment. Since working with Jennifer one on one over the last several months I'm amazed at all I learned. We needed to start w/the basics such as emailing and copy cut and paste. We then moved on to Word and Excel learning to make folders and sub folders. She is patient and understanding of my situation. She also has the knowledge of the skills I need. People say  you can't learn over the phone.  I'm proof it can be done.  Next up we're tackling social media in the business world.

- Karen  -NY