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Create Links

When building a webpage you need to know how to create links to other pages of your site and possibly other websites. With the CoffeeCup editor it is easy to place these links into the text of your webpages. Links don't have to be just text. You can also make images into links or link to an email address.

Webpage create a link button

To insert a link into a webpage being built in CoffeeCup editor click on the down arrow of the link button. From the drop down menu click the Link selection. The insert link window will open. If you have highlighted a word in your text it will automatically appear in the Link text section of the window. If you did not highlight any text CoffeeCup Editor Insert Link Window type the word or words you would like to turn into a link in the Link Text box. The URL text box is used to type the link destination. The link can be another page associated with your website or an outside link. When I am linking to an outside webpage I like to copy and paste the URL so I don't make typing mistakes.

The target option in the URL to Link to section lets you specify where to open the linked page. Page default will open the link in the same window the current webpage is open, same frame will also open the page in the same window or frame, whole page opens the link in the top most frame and fills the entire window, New browser window opens the link in a new internet browser window, Parent frame will open the link in the window that is holding the iFrame.

The Title section lets you enter text to display when the mouse is placed over the link to give the reader a popup description or tip for the link.

Check the box next to Show status bar message on mouse over if you would like to display text in at the bottom of the browser window when the reader places there mouse over the link. This option only works for Internet Explorer users. The reader will not be able to view the status bar message if they are using another internet browser.

Click OK when you are finished entering the details of your link.

CoffeeCup Editor Insert Email Link

To create an email link so the readers email account is opened with a specific email address in the To field click on the link button again and select Email link.

The insert E-mail Link window will open. The first section is the same as a URL link, just type the text you would like to link in the text box or if you highlighted text it will appear in this box. The next text box is where you will type the email address you would like the email to be sent to.

You are able to have the subject of the email automatically fill in if you would like by typing the subject line in the text box.

The Status window message will show text when a reader places their mouse over the email link. Click OK to return to your webpage and the HTML code will be created for you.

t concludes the webpage link tutorial. Click next to learn about creating a form on your webpage or select another tutorial from the list below.