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Excel 2007 Cells

This section of the Home tab is Cells. In this section you can add, delete or format cells. Click the down arrow on the Insert button.

Excel 2007 insert cell, row, column, or sheet

To insert a cell click on a cell next to the one you would like to insert. Then click the Insert Cells button another window will come up asking you which direction you would like to shift the cells once you insert your new cells. The window also gives you the options to just shift the cells or shift the entire row or column.

You can insert an entire row with the Insert Sheet Rows button or Insert a whole column with the Insert Sheet Columns button. The Insert Sheet option lets you add another sheet to your Excel 2007 document. The sheets end up at the bottom. You can see Excel automatically give you Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3 by default.

Excel 2007 delete cell, row, column, or sheet

The Delete down arrow gives you the same options that the Insert button gave. You can delete single cells with the Delete Cells option. The same window will appear asking what direction you would like to shift the cells after you delete the selected cell.

The Delete Sheet Rows will Delete an entire row and the Delete Sheet Columns will delete a whole column.

Delete Sheet will remove the selected sheet from the bottom tabs.

Excel 2007 Format button

Click the down arrow on Format in the Cells section. The 1st selection is the Row Height. This button will open another window for you to type in a height number.

The AutoFit Row height will do the same thing as it did when you double click in between the rows it will take the longest text and adjust the row to accommodate the text. It will also make the row smaller if the text is smaller.

Column Width will open the same window as the Row Height button did and let you type in a number for the column width.

AutoFit Column Width will take the longest text and adjust the column to fit the text. It will also make a column smaller if the text is smaller than the column.

The Default Width will put the column at 64 pixels or 8.43.

If you have a large number of rows or columns you will find the Hide & Unhide feature useful. You can select a column or row by clicking on the row number or column letter then select hide row or hide column. You can get your rows and columns back by highlighting the row or columns on either side and selecting unhide row or unhide column. You also have the option to hide an entire sheet.

The next selection is Rename Sheet. Click on this selection and notice at the bottom of your Excel document the Sheet 1 is highlighted. Type your new name for the sheet and press Enter. You can also do this by double clicking the sheet name.

Excel 2007 Move & Copy

To change the order of the Excel sheets click the Move or Copy Sheet button. This will bring up the Move or Copy window. The window gives you the option to move the sheet to another book with the drop down arrow or you can select the sheet you would like the sheet you are moving to appear before. By checking the box to Create a copy you will leave the sheet in the original place and move a copy of the sheet to the new location you selected.

The tab color selection will let you organize your Excel sheets by color. Select the sheet you would like to change the tab color and then click the over arrow to select your color.

Excel 2007 Protect Sheet

The next option is Protect Sheet. Click this option to see the Protect Sheet window. If you have information in your spreadsheet that you don’t want others to be able to change you can password protect them. Then the only way the selected cells can be changes is if you enter the password. You can lock a cell completely or just check certain options that another person will not be able to change.

Browse through the options if you don’t want to password protect your spreadsheet click cancel.

To make the Lock Cell button work you need to have the Protect Sheet setup. Then you are able to lock cells in your spreadsheet as you create it.

The last selection in the Format button is the Format cells button. This will open the window you see below which gives you all of the options we have already covered to format your cell. This is nice because all of the format options are in one spot.

Excel 2007 Format cells

Click the next button to move onto the last section of the home tab Excel 2007 editing.