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Excel 2007 Charts

Excel 2007 charts

The next section is used to create charts. The options in the Charts section will let you create different styles of charts. Let me show you how to create a chart using the data I have entered for my budget spreadsheet.

I want my chart to be on a different sheet so I selected another sheet. To create my chart I am going to use the Column option. I clicked the down arrow on the column button and chose a cylinder style chart to compare my actual cost verses my budgeted costs.

Excel 2007 Insert Chart

Doing this placed my chart area in the center of my Chart tab. Now I need to click the select data button at the top in the Chart Tools.

Excel 2007 select data source

The Select Data Source window will open. I clicked on my Budget tab then highlighted the cells I wanted to include in my table. Make sure you highlight your title so it will appear in the table.

Then click OK and your chart will be created.

Excel 2007 Chart

That is the basics of creating a chart. Creating a chart works the same with all of the options you see in the chart section. The different types of charts can be used to provide various images for your data. If you would like more detail on creating charts please email me.

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