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             Excel 2007 Comments 

The Comments section in Excel 2007 is going to allow you to add additional comments to what it is you are writing. It may be helpful if you want a few side notes as reminders, and/or comments for yourself to review to possibly revise what you are writing about. We are going to be learning step-by-step, from left to right, about the Comments section. 

To create a comment, click on the folder with a star on its upper left corner. It will say “New Comment” right below it. After doing so, a small blank section will appear, allowing you to write in  it. It will look like this:

After doing this, you can type in the comment you want. You will also be able to adjust the size by using your mouse to drag the small white circles that are on each corner of the comment box we just created. Once you click away from the box, it will disappear and turn into a small red triangle wherever you wrote the comment. It will look like this:

When you go to click on the small red triangles, you will be given more options as of what to do with your comment. You will be given the options to edit a comment, delete a comment, look at a previous comment, or the next comment.  Those options will look like this:

To edit a comment, first click on the comment you would like to edit. After doing so, click on the piece of paper with a pencil on it. It will say “Edit Comment” below it. By doing so, it will bring you back to the comment box you created and allow to edit what you need to. Example:                                    

To delete a comment, click on the comment you would like to delete. Then click the folder with the red X on its upper left corner. It will say “Delete” right below it.  

You will be able to view what exactly the comment is before deleting it, just to be sure you aren’t deleting the wrong thing. To make sure, click on the comment you want to delete and it will appear like this: 

To view a comment you have already written, click the folder with a blue arrow pointing left, at its upper left corner. It will say “Previous”  below it.  It will then pull up the previous comment box you created.

To view the comment after it, you will click the Next button. It is right beside the Previous button.  Click the folder with the blue arrow pointing right, at the upper left corner. It will say “Next” below it.  By doing this, it will allow to keep viewing comments in the order you wrote them.

When reviewing your comments in using the Previous and Next buttons, you may also edit those comments if you wish. If you wish to do so, follow the steps for editing that we covered in this tutorial.


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