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Excel 2007 Editing

Exel 2007 Editing section of the home tab

Now we are on the last section of the Excel 2007 Home tab, Editing.

The first button in the Editing tab is the sum symbol. Click the down arrow to see the options.

Excel 2007 Sum button

In my budget spreadsheet I have put a total row at the bottom of each section. It is very easy with this button. All you need to do is click the sell below the numbers you would like to total, average, count, find the max, or min the click the down arrow of the sum symbol and make you selection. It will do the formula for you.

Excel 2007 Copy down

The next button is a down arrow. This will copy cells for you in any direction. The feature I like with this button is the Series selection. If you have a row of dates you don’t have to type each date. Just type the first 3 and highlight how far you want the dates to go then select Series. A window will come up and let you select the date unites you want to count by then select ok and the cells you selected will automatically be filled in with the dates.

This selection does not always have to be a date it can be counting by 2’s or what ever series of numbers you would like.

Excel 2007 clear all, eraser

The next button in the Editing section is the Eraser. Click the down arrow to see the options. This feature lets you selectively erase parts of your spreadsheet. You can Clear everything, Clear only the formatting, Clear the Contents of selected cells, or if you have comments (we have not learned about these yet) you can just clear those.

Excel 2007 Sort & filter

The next button is the Sort button. This button will let you sort your data from highest to lowest depending on what type of data you have you can also alphabetize columns of data with the sort button. Notice in my budget spreadsheet I sorted my Household data from lowest to highest. You can also do this if you have created a table with the format table button it gives you the sort arrows above each column. If you have not created a table you will need to highlight the area you would like to sort.

You also have the option of doing a custom sort. This will open a new window for you to input your selections. If you need help with this email me.

The filter button is what gives you the arrows above each column. If you have not used the table feature you might want to filter a row. Try filtering a row and looking at the options the arrows in the cells give you.

The last button is Find & Select. This button works like a search. It will find specific numbers or words in your workbook. Click the down arrow to see the options.

Excel 2007 Find & select

If you have large amounts of data this is a quick way to find what you are looking for. I also find the Replace feature very useful. The Replace button will open another window and let you type the text you are looking for then the text you want to replace it with. It will go through the entire document and replace all matching text.

If you would like more details on this section please email me. The other features can get very advanced.

That wraps up Excel 2007 Home tab tutorial. I hope you learn what you wanted to know. Click the next arrow to move onto the Insert tab in Excel 2007.