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Excel 2007 Font

Excel 2007 font

The Font section of Excel 2007 works a lot like it does in Word 2007. You can change the font style, size, bold, italic, underline, background color, or font color. The difference in Excel is how you select the text to make the changes. In Excel you can change one cell at a time, change just part of the text in a cell or change multiple cells.

To select a single sell click the cell, to select part of the text in a cell double click the cell and then click and drag the cursor over the section you would like to change, and to change multiple cells click and hold the mouse button down and drag it across the cells you want to change. You can also hold down the ctrl button and select cells that are not close to each other.

Now that we know how to select open a spreadsheet you would like to play with or type a few cells so we can see what the font section does. I am going to start a monthly budget sheet.

Select the cell with your heading and then click the down arrow for the font style and choose a new style for your heading. I chose Ariel Black.

Excel 2007 Font style

Now we want the heading to be a little larger than the rest of the cells so click the drop down arrow for the size. Select a new size for your heading.

Moving right along, the two next buttons (the large A and then small A) will increase or decrease the size of your font if you want to change the font size that way.

The bottom buttons are the B which will bold your text, the I which will italicize the font and the U which will underline the font.

The next button is used for putting borders around cells.

Excel 2007 cell borders

Look at the different options and play with them a little to see what they do. You can also select multiple cells to place boarders around. Try doing this also. If you decide you don’t want a border you can always delete them by click the border button down arrow and selecting No Border.

The next button on is the bucket with the colored line under it. This button will fill in the background color of the cell. See if you can change the background color of your title cell.

The next button is the A with the colored line under it. This button will change the font color. If you would like to change all of the font in the cell just click the cell then select your color. If you would only like to change part of the font in the cell double click the cell then highlight the font you would like to change then select a color.

That wraps up the font section of the Home tab. Let’s move onto the Alignment section. Click the next button.