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Excel 2007 Home Tab

In these Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorials home tab addition you will find most of your basic features. These are the tools you will find yourself using the most when creating the look and feel of an Excel spreadsheet. With this tab you are able to change the style, size and color of your font, align test, create bullets and numbers, and cut and paste text.

Open Excel 2007. We are going to create a monthly budget sheet just for practice using the features. We will start at the Far left and move through each section. Click the Microsoft Logo and click Save As. Type a name for your spreadsheet and click Save. Now Type Personal Monthly Budget in the cell A1

Excel 2007

The first section is the Clipboard. The Clipboard is a very useful tool to move text, pictures, and charts from one place to another on a page or from one document to another.

Let’s practice using the clipboard with the text we just typed. Highlight “Personal Monthly Budget” by double clicking in the A1 cell to allow editing in the cell then click in front of the text and holding the left mouse button down in front of the text and dragging the cursor to the end and let go.

Once you have done that notice that the scissor icon and the two pieces of paper icon are no longer grayed out. (when an icon is grayed out it you are not able to use it)

Now that the icons are functioning, click on the scissors to cut the text. The text will disappear and go into what is called the clipboard. You can also do this on the keyboard by pressing the ctrl button holding it down and pressing x. You can place the mouse over the icon without clicking and get an explanation and the keyboard command for each icon. Try placing the mouse over the clipboard icon and wait about 2 seconds and see what happens.

Notice that the scissors and papers have been grayed out again because there is no text selected for them to cut or copy. Now let’s get our text back. Click on the A1 cell in Excel 2007 then click on the clipboard icon. Your Personal Monthly Budget text will be pasted back into your Excel document.

This feature will work the same if you switch documents or click in a different location of the same spreadsheet.

The icon with the two pieces of paper is the copy icon. If you don’t want the text to be removed from the location it is in currently you can click the paper icon or press ctrl c to copy the text. Then it works the same as the cut feature you click where you would like the text placed and click on the clipboard icon.

If you have copied or cut several objects from a document you can view and select them by viewing your entire clipboard. Click on the little arrow icon in the bottom right corner of the Clipboard section.

Excel 2007 Clipboard

This will open the Office Clipboard Task Pane. You will see a list of everything that had been copied or cut during your session in Microsoft Excel 2007. If you click on any of the items in the list it will paste them into the spreadsheet.

Click the x in the upper right corner of the Clipboard Task pane to close it.

If you have a good understanding of the Clipboard we will move on to the Font section. Again if you have any questions about what a button is place your mouse over it without clicking and it will give you a brief description to refresh your memory. Click the next button to move onto the section of Excel 2007