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Excel 2007 Illustrations

The next section is Illustrations. The first button will insert a picture from a file. When you click on the Picture button it will open a window for you to browse your files and find a picture. The browser window will default to your my Pictures folder. Select the picture you want to insert and click insert.

Excel 2007 Clip Art Navigation Pane

The clip Art button will open a window that will allow you to search for pictures that are either part of the clip art file or find clip art on the internet. The Clip Art navigation pane will open on the side of the working screen. In the Search for section type a key word for the image you are looking for. Click Go to start the search. If you would like to look at a category of clip art click the down arrow in the search in section to narrow your search. Results should be is where you will select the type of media you want your clip art to find. You can select a search for sounds, movies, photos or clip art with this drop down menu. Your results will be displayed in the open box below Results should be section

The Organize clips button will open the favorites - clip art explorer window for you to view all of the clip art located on your computer and move them to different folders.

Clip art on Office Online will only display images available online. You will need an internet connection to view these clip art images.

Tips for finding clips is a help menu.

Excel 2007 Shapes

Click the down arrow on the Shapes button to see a variety of shapes you can insert into your Word 2007 document. When you click on the shape your cursor will change. Click anywhere in your spreadsheet to insert the shape. When the shape is inserted into your document the Drawing tool tab will appear in the tab selections for you to edit your inserted shape.

Excel smart art

The next button is SmartArt. If you click the SmartArt button the Choose a SmartArt Graphic window will open.

SmartArt will give you several choices to visually display your data. You are able to create flow charts and text based graphics with easy to use predesigned templates. Click on one of the charts. This will insert the graphic into your spreadsheet and open the SmartArt tools tab options. In the spreadsheet canvas in each section of the graphic that says text you can click and modify the text entered on top of that graphic.

Click the next button to move onto the Charts section of the insert tab.