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Excel 2007 Insert Tab

The Excel 2007 insert tab fits its name well. This is the tab where anything you would like to add to your Excel spreadsheet can be inserted in this tab. We will go through this tab just like the Home tab, starting at the left section Tables and continuing to the right covering each section and its buttons.

Excel 2007 insert tab tables

The first section is Table. The first button in the Table section is Pivot Table. Pivot tables are used to summarize data. You would use a pivot table for complex amounts of data. A beginner computer user will probably not get into Pivot tables but if you have questions about them please email me.

Next is the Table button. This button will set up your tables like the Format as a Table button in the Home tab the only difference with this button is it makes you do more of the work. You can select the data you want to create as a table and it will give you the default color and the down arrow at your column heading so you can sort and filter the data.

Click the next button to move onto the illustrations section of the insert tab.