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Excel 2007 Links

Excel 2007 Hyperlinks

Lets move onto the Links section. The Hyperlink button lets you link a cell in your spread sheet to a website, document, email address, or program. I am going to show you how to link my electricity cell to the website where I pay my bill. First click the cell you would like to create the hyperlink in then click the Hyperlink button and the Insert Hyperlink window will come up.

Excel 2007 Hyperlink

In the Insert Hyperlink window you have the option to create any type of link you want. The buttons on the left column allow you to select the type of link and the right hand options let you give the link details. To create my web link I will type my web address down in the Address section then click OK.

Excel 2007 hyperlink inserted

Notice that my Electricity cell is now blue. If I click once on the cell it will open the website where I pay my bill if I click and hold the mouse button down I can edit the cell.

We are almost finished with the Insert tab. Let’s move onto Text section.

Click the next button to finish the insert tab with the text section.