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Excel 2007 Outline

Excel 2007 Outline section of Data tab

The excel 2007 outline section of the data tab is designed to group and summarize data up to 8 levels. Use an outline to quickly display summary rows or columns or reveal detailed data for each group created.

Highlight the rows or columns you would like to group by clicking on the first cell and dragging to highlight the group of cells. Once the cells are selected click the down arrow of the Group button in the Outline section of the Data tab. Select Group. Notice once you have done this a number with a line to a minus symbol will appear to the left of the row labels. By clicking on the minus button it will hide the cells you selected to group. The minus button will change to a plus sign to expand the hidden cells.

When you have created a group the Show Details and Hide Details buttons will no longer be grayed out. Click these buttons to show and hide the grouped cells.

Click on the top cell you grouped, then click the Ungroup button down arrow and select Ungroup. This will ungroup the cells just like the button describes. If you have multiple sets of cells grouped click the down arrow of the Ungroup button and select clear outline to delete all groupings. This will just ungroup the cells not delete them.

Excel 2007 Subtotal Window

The last button in this section is Subtotal. If you have grouped cells and click the subtotal button it will bring up the Subtotal window. In this window you have a drop down menu at the top titled At each change in: Clicking this down arrow will give you a list of each group you have created. Select one from the list. Click the down arrow in the Use function selection box. Scroll through the list of functions and select the one you would like preformed on the grouped cells. Place a check mark next to any subtotals you would like to include in the calculations.

The check boxes below the Add subtotal section can be checked or checked to change the calculations made to the groups and how they are displayed. Click OK when you are finished making your selections and the subtotal calculations will be entered for any selected grouped cells.

That concludes the section on Outline in the Data tab. Click the next arrow to move on to the Excel 2007 Review tab.