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Excel 2007 Page Layout

The Excel 2007 Page Layout tab in Excel lets you make changes to the overall page, including margins, colors, printing and views.

Excel 2007 Themes

The first section in the Page Layout tab is Themes. Click the Themes button down arrow to see a list of themes you can choose from. The themes button will change your whole document design as far as color, font, and effects.

The other 3 buttons let you edit the specific aspect of the design of your spread sheet. To change the Colors in your Excel document click the down arrow on colors button.

Excel 2007 change color theme

If you click the Create New Theme colors at the bottom you will open the Create New Theme Colors window. This window gives you an idea of what each color in the row changes. You can also use this window to create a custom theme color for your spreadsheet by clicking the down arrow in each category and selecting a new color. To save your changes name your theme then click Save.

To exit without saving click Cancel.

Excel 2007 theme fonts

To create a new theme font click the down arrow in the Fonts button. You will see a list of default themes you can choose from these themes will change the font for the heading and body text.

You can also click on the Create New Theme Fonts you customize you font theme.

The next button in Themes is theme effects. Theme effects are sets of lines and fill effects. You are not able to customize your own theme but when you place your mouse over one of the default themes you can see the changes in your document and when you are happy with one click on it and the changes will take effect.

Click the next button to move onto the page setup section.