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Excel 2007 Page Setup

In the Excel 2007 Page Setup section of the page layout tab the first button is Margins. Click the down arrow to see the default selections. These are the margins that you need to set for printing your document.

Excel 2007 margins

You can also set custom margins by clicking the custom margins selection at the bottom of the Margins button.

The Page Setup window will open automatically to the Margins tab. In this tab you can set the top, bottom, left and right margins. In this tab you can also set the spacing for the header and footer or center the spreadsheet either horizontally or vertically on the page. The page in the center will give you a preview of how your spreadsheet will print.

Excel 2007 Orientation

The next button is Orientation. Click the down arrow on the Orientation button. This button lets you change the orientation of your spreadsheet to portrait or landscape. If you are following the Budget tutorial Change the spreadsheet to Landscape then click print preview to make sure the whole spreadsheet fits on the page. If it does not fit we will get to that soon.

Excel 2007 Page setup size button

The next button in the Page Layout tab, page setup section is Size. This button will let you select the size of the paper you will print your spreadsheet on. Printing small spreadsheets on note cards for school exams is where I found this option most valuable.

Click the down arrow to see all of the page size options.

The 8.5” x 11” paper size is the default selection. You can use the scroll bar on the right had side of the drop down menu to see more sizes or if you would like more options click the More Paper sizes option at the bottom of the list.

Moving right along to the Print Area button, click the down arrow and you will see 2 options, set print area and clear print area. Sometimes when creating a spreadsheet you may want to print on a certain section of the spreadsheet. To do this select the area of cells you would like to print and click the down arrow on the Print Area button, then select Set Print Area. You will see a dotted line around the area you selected. If you click the print preview button in the Microsoft logo button at the top of Excel 2007 you will only see the section you selected. All other cells will still be available for you to modify and use but they will not print.

To clear this print area select the cells again and click the clear print area selection.

After selecting print area you will get another option in the print area button. You will see an option to add to print area. Simply select more cells and click Add to Print Area and you then be able to see the newly selected cells in your print preview or when you print the spreadsheet.

Excel 2007 breaks button

The next button is Breaks. Click the down arrow in the Breaks button. This button lets you separate a long spreadsheet into multiple pages.

Once you have inserted the page breaks you can remove them by clicking the Remove Page Breaks.

Once you have inserted and removed page breaks the Reset All Page Breaks button will no longer be grayed out. This selection will reset you page to the way you saved it last.

The Background button is next. This button will open a Background window for you to browse through your folders for a background image for your spreadsheet. This image will be placed behind all of the cells and will not show through if you have cells that are colored.

Excel 2007 Print titles button

The last button in the Page Setup section is the Print Titles button. Click this button and the Page Setup window will open to the Sheet tab. The Print titles options allow you to repeat rows or columns on each page when you print multiple page spreadsheets. To do this, click the icon at the far right next to the Rows to repeat at top. This will bring you back to your spreadsheet. Click and drag your mouse over the cells you want to print at the top of each page of the spreadsheet then press enter to return to the Sheet tab. It will place the formula for the cells you choose in the text box. Then click OK. Print your spreadsheet to see that each page you printed has the selected rows at the top.