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Excel 2007 Proofing

Under Excel 2007 Proofing, we are going to be going over 4 buttons, starting from left to right. Proofing is going to be helpful when making a page you are writing, clear to understand and accurate.

 First we have spell check. When there is a word spelled wrong you can click spell check, and it will give you the correct spelling of the word. Like this :

Spell check is going to have a check mark symbol and the word ‘’Spelling’’ right below it. After you click on spell check, it is going to pull up a smaller window giving you correct options of the word you may be thinking of. Here’s an example of what that window looks like

From here, you will click on the word you want, and then click Change. Change is the first option to the right of the listed words. When you click Change, the word will automatically swap out the incorrect spelling with the correct spelling of the word.


The second button in the Proofing section is the Research button.  The research button has 2 books and a magnifying glass and says “Research” right below it. This is helpful when you need to know the definition of a word. How you would do this is, click Research. Doing so will pull up a small window     that look like this:

In the Research window you will see a search engine right below the words “Search for:”  That is where you type the word you need the definition of. Below the word you type will be options. Those options are for you to decide which translation of the definition you want. I chose All Reference books, but you can choose which ever one you would like.

The Thesaurus button has an  open book and the word “Thesaurus” below it. This is helpful when you want a word with a similar meaning to another word. By clicking this, a small window will pull up, just as the Research window. Like this:

Here it will show you the definition of the word you are using, and other word options with similar meanings. If you are unable to find a word fit to your liking, you can scroll down to click on a different search engine that may have what you are looking for. It will look like this:

From here you can click on which ever option you would like.

The Translate button has the letter A and a letter in a different language right beside it, and says “Translate” below it. This will help you translate words into different languages, or will help you take a foreign word, and translate it into the language you understand. Clicking on this will pull up a small window, just like the previous windows we have explored. It will look like this

Here you will have the “From” options of word, and below it the “To” options of words. Say I want to know what Excel is in French. I would click the option of words right below the word “To” and scroll down until I see French. 

Here is an example:

By clicking on French (France) it will give me the translation of the word in French.

It will look like this:

That is everything you need to know about the 4 different buttons in Excel 2007 Proofing. These are tools that will help you make what you are writing accurate and clear to understand.