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Excel 2007 Styles

Excel 2007 styles section of the home tab

The first button in Excel 2007 styles section is the Conditional formatting. I love this because once you have place formulas in your spreadsheet you can send up red flags with this conditional formatting. Click the down arrow on the Conditional Formatting button to see the options.

Excel 2007 Conditional Formatting

With these options you can change the color of a cell if it does not meet the criteria you set. I have set my budget to be highlighted red if I go over. To do this select the cells you want this formatting option, then click the Highlight Cells Rules, then click Less Than, then input 0 and select the color and click OK.

You can put in multiple conditional formatting options. Notice the red, green, and yellow buttons next to the numbers these are done with the Icon Sets then selecting more rules. If you need help with any of your conditional formatting please email me.

The next button in the Styles section is Format as Table. If you are creating a table You can start with this option and select one of the styles or you can highlight your table and then select the styles to change the look and feel of your table.

Excel 2007 Format a table button in the home tab

Notice in my budget spreadsheet I highlighted my section on household expenses and Entertainment expenses then I selected the medium green table format.

Now move onto the next button Cell Styles. Click the down arrow on Cell Styles.

Excel 2007 Cell Styles button

This button will give you quick predefined styles for each cell. Or if you don’t like any of these styles you can create your own style by selecting New Cell Style. This option will let you format a cell and Save it. Style 1 and Style 2 are styles I created for my spreadsheet. Now try and create your own cell style.

Click the next button to move onto the cell section of the home tab.



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