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Excel 2007 Text

Excel 2007 insert text section in insert tab

This section works a lot like the functions in Word 2007. The first button is Text box. If you don’t want to use the cells in your spreadsheet you can insert a Text Box. The text box will be place over the top of the cells and give you the opportunity to type and adjust the font styles without having to adjust any of your cells. Click the Text Box button to get an idea of what will happen. If you don’t want a text box you can always delete it when you are finished playing with the features.

The next button in the Text section is Header & Footer. Click this button to see how you create a header and footer on your document.

Excel 2007 create header and footer

Notice that I now have a different view of my budget spreadsheet. I am going to enter the date for a header and page number for a footer. To do this click the current date button in the Header & Footer Elements section. Then click Go to Footer in the Navigation section. It will shift your view to the footer then click the Page Number button, which is the 1st button in the Header & Footer Elements section. When you are finished click any cell in your spreadsheet to return to the normal view.

The next button is Word Art. This button will allow you to insert decorative text into your spreadsheet. To insert Word Art click the down arrow and select a style. This will put in a box that looks like a text box in your spreadsheet on top of the cells. The Drawing Tools Format Tab will appear for you to edit your Word Art.

Excel 2007 signature

The next button is the Signature Line. This is useful if you would like to ad a line to get a signature from some one. To add a Signature Line click the down arrow and select Microsoft Office Signature Line. This will open the Signature Line window so you can fill in the name and title of the required signature. Click OK once you are finished. This will add a box on top of the cells that you can adjust the size and place where you want in the spreadsheet.

Excel 2007 insert object

The next button is Object. If you would like to embed an object such as an Adobe File, Media Clip, or Word File into your spreadsheet you can do it with this button. If you Click the Object button the Object window will open. You can select the type of Object you would like to embed in your spreadsheet and click OK. Once you have embedded the object you can double click on the Object to edit or view. If you need help with this feature email me.

The last button is the Symbol Button. Click this button to see the Symbol window that it brings up.

Excel 2007 insert a symbol

The Symbol window allows you to select symbols that you cannot enter with your keyboard into your Excel cells. Select a symbol that you would like to try and click Insert. This will put the symbol in the cell you have selected. If you do not want the symbol there just hit the back button to delete it.

That wraps up the Insert tab for Excel 2007 Click the Next arrow to move onto Page Layout.