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Excel 2007 View Show/Hide section.                                             

The Show/Hide section in Excel 2007 will help you customize the page format. It gives you the options to the get rid of grid lines, headings, etc. This section is most helpful when you are looking at the page layout, which was discussed in the Workbook section. It will help you have a clean, well organized page layout and help you to be sure everything lines up the way you want when printing pages out. We will be learning from left to right.

The Ruler is helpful when you need to measure or lineup objects in the document. You have the option to check this, and use your ruler, or uncheck and not have one of the page layout at all. The ruler will look like this on your layout:

The Formula Bar allows you to enter text and formulas into cells.  You can also write up functions in this bar and a small window will pop up giving you options of what method you would like to use : 

By clicking on  fx, a small window will appear allowing you to decided which you would like to use :

Gridlines can make it easier the edit and read a page depending on what the document is, so Excel 2007 gives you the option to have them, or get rid of them. You can keep them or, click on where it says Gridlines and simply uncheck it. This will take away Gridlines. 

Headings are going help you know which column things you’ve written are in. You do not have to keep these but they may help keep details in a layout easier to find. The numbers on the left hand side of the layout are Row headings and the letter at the top are Column headings:

The Message Bar will be grayed out until you open an attachment from an email or other source. It is made to help you control the security for the file you are opening. It will allow to control security alerts, messages based on privacy and security policy, workflow tasks, etc. When you open an attachment, the Message Bar will darken, enabling you to check and uncheck it. 

You can change the options of the Message Bar if you desire to. To do so you would click on the Microsoft button at the upper left corner of the screen. Then you will see several options pop up. At the lower right of the small window you see, click Excel Options:

From there, click one Trust Centers on the left hand side of the window. Right under where it says Microsoft Office Excel Trust Center, click on where it says Trust Center Settings…  

By doing so, it will right away take you the Message Bar options and you will be able to adjust the settings accordingly.

That is the ending review of the Show/Hide section in Excel 2007.