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     Excel 2007 View Zoom Section

The Zoom section in Excel 2007 View, will help you to zoom in on specific parts of a document.  This may be helpful when you want to get a closer look at a certain part of a worksheet.  We will be learning about the Zoom section from left to right. 

The Zoom icon has a magnifying glass and the word Zoom below it. By clicking this , you can choose to zoom in or out, and by how much. When you click this, a small window of options will appear and will look like this:

 200% being the closest you can zoom in and 25% being the furthest away you can zoom in, unless you prefer to customize how much you zoom in or out. If that is the case, there is a custom option at the bottom of the small window. There, is  small box that will allow you type in the percentage for how much of the page you want zoomed.

In Excel 2007, you can also adjust your zoom by a feature at the bottom of the page. It will look like this: 

This will also allow you to control zooming in or out in a customized way that is to your liking.


The next icon is a blank piece of paper that says 100 at the bottom of the paper, and says 100% below it. What this does, is it adjusts you back to 100% of zoom, which is the default zoom in Excel 2007. If you are zoomed in or out, and want to go back to normal zoom without the hassle of going back and adjusting it, you can just click the 100% button, and it will automatically put your document back to the default view.

  The Zoom to Selection icon is a chart sheet, with a magnifying glass in front of it, and says Zoom to Selection below it. This will allow you to zoom in on a certain section of your worksheet. If you only want to zoom in on a certain section, just click on the section you would like, and then click  on Zoom to Selection. It will automatically zoom in on the section you wanted. Here I chose section G.  Now by clicking Zoom to Selection, it will look like this: 

You have now successfully learn about the Zoom section in the View tab of Excel 2007.


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