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    Excel 2007 View Tab. Window Section.        

The Window section in the Excel 2007 View tab will help you compare several work sheets at once, organize them into the pattern you’d like, and get specific with the layout you want. We will be learning about the Window section in Excel 2007 View tab from left to right. 

The New Window icon is 3 worksheets with a star on top of the bottom one, and says New Window below it. By clicking this, you will be able to open a blank worksheet without having to exit one that you already worked on. This may be helpful when wanting to create a new worksheet based off of one you already wrote, or perhaps revising when wanting to perfect your document.

When a new window appears, it will slightly overlap the previous window. This is your indication that a new window has been opened. You can move this window accordingly, as you see I’ve done here:

 The Arrange All icon has 2 worksheets vertically side by side and says Arrange All below it.  This is going to be helpful when organizing and comparing more than one window at a time. By clicking this, a small window will appear giving you option as to how you would like to view all the windows you are comparing:   


You can go through each option and see which one works best for you.                                                                                                                                                                                          

The Freeze Panes icon has a partially filled worksheet and says Freeze Panes below it. This is going to help you keep one portion of your sheet still while you scroll through others. When clicking this, you will be shown options that will help you decide which portion to keep still: 

You can choose to keep the whole row, or columns visible, or both. Choosing both will allow you to scroll through the rest of the worksheet while keeping the column and row in place.

The Split icon is on the right hand side of the Freeze panes icon. Clicking Split will split up you worksheet into 4. This may be helpful when wanting to view different parts of your worksheet at once. To put the worksheet back together or “unsplit” it, simply click on split again and it will go back to a whole without any splits.

The Hide icon is right below the Split icon.  This is used to hide the current window. This is pretty self-explanatory. If you wish to hide it so it cannot be seen, click Hide and it will show a blank blue screen: 

To bring back the window, click Unhide, which is right below Hide. When you click Unhide, a small window will show up asking you which window you would like to unhide. Click on the window you want and then click “OK”. The window will then come out of hiding:

When wanting to view two separate worksheets at the same time, click on View Side by Side. This can be helpful when wanting to compare the content of your work. They will come up in two split windows:

Synchronous Scrolling will allow both of the documents to scroll together. When scrolling, they will always scroll in the same place as the other. This feature will automatically turn itself on when clicking the View Side By Side feature, but will also allow you to turn it off whenever you would like. To turn it off, you simply click on Synchronous Scrolling and the orange highlight will go away, letting you know it is off. 

Reset Window Position is helpful if you happen to move around the windows by accident, or on purpose, and want them back to their original position. It will align them up perfectly to each other and will allow you to continue working in a symmetrical layout. 

Save Workspace is the icon with two blank window, a small hoppy disc at the lower right corner, and says Save Workspace below. This is going to help you save the current layout that your worksheets are in. It will be save as a work place and can be restored later, if you decide to go back to it and do so.


 Switch Windows is the icon with 4 different windows and says Switch Windows below it. This will allow you to switch the windows without moving them around. It will move it for you with having to move around your whole layout. Simply click on Switch Windows. To which you will see a list of the windows you have available. Click on the desired “Book” (window) and it will pull it up and onto your worksheet.


  Macros are a type of programming and get can get deep into the language of programming and typing computer code. It is quite an advanced process which is why I am not making a separate page for it. If you are interested in knowing how to use this feature, feel free to contact us.


That is the end of our step by step review on the View tab in Excel 2007, along with the windows section in it.