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Excel Contact List

Having an Excel contact list with names and addresses on file is great efficient way to create envelopes and letters to several people at once. I use this all of the time to send holiday cards to family and friends and pictures of my children. Once the list is typed you can refer to Word 2007 Mailings tutorial to create a mail merge for printing

Open Microsoft Excel 2007.

Excel 2007

In Excel we want to create a column for first name, last name, street address, city, state, and zip code. You can add additional columns if necessary.

In cell A1 type First Name. In cell B1 type Last Name, In cell C1 type Street address, in cell D1 type City, In cell E1 type State, in Cell F1 type Zip Code. If the cells are not wide enough to fit the entire word put the mouse over the line between the two columns for example column A and B you will see a cursor that has a solid vertical line and a horizontal double arrow. When you see this cursor double click and the column will expand to fit the words. You can do this as you enter your contacts as well.

Now click on cell A1 and drag your mouse to F1 to highlight the titles. Once they are highlighted click the B button in the Font section of the Home tab. Then click the Center button in the Paragraph section of the Home tab. Your spreadsheet should look like this.

Excel Contact titles

Begin entering your family and friends information. Here is an example of what your spreadsheet should look like when you are finished.

Excel Contacts

You will only need an Excel contact list to do a mail merge if you do not use Outlook to organize your contacts. This list if for people who use a webmail program or outlook express for their email and contacts.

Now go to the Word-2007-Mailings tutorial to create your letter or envelope document using your Excel contact list.

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