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gmail - EMAIL problems!


Is this a type of forum?

sent a message yesterday, sorry "POST". I don't know if I included the fact that, if you reply to my old email address (the one I'm trying to get back I won't be able to open it because "GMAIL itself has messed me up by giving me a NEW EMAIL ADDRESS that i didn't W A N T...
and all my emails etc may be gone because of the
%&#@$ GMAIL website!

If A REAL LIVE PERSON DOES reply I would appreciate it very much if this kind person sends a reply to my "new address" it should go through I hope! But if you reply using THIS PAGE I'm typing in now I'll only know how to open your message/post if you include the "How Too" in my new email...
I've been in this mess for 3 days now just because I hit a wrong key whatever?

Again, thank you for your time,


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