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google... problems.

by Glyndwer Gorden Powell
(Brampton Ont Canada)

Hi im an "oldy Senior guy...

I should have used this site a long time ago... i hope you don't mind my very basic text... there's a lot of grammar errors. i promised myself one day i will find the site to help me with it but i will add the odd coma, period etc sooo...

ok this happened twice cant remember how it was fixed last time. as well as fixing the main problem problem i hope you can tell me how or what i did to bring this about? right... the main problem, i went to a site for the
weather in Brampton when finished i clicked the x to close it.

Opening google this weather site/page came up; tried help that came with the PC/laptop but somehow i messed or screwed up the prompts? went on or opened some different sites if i can remember right the weather page come up again.

tried google this time it worked???

was i supposed to go to were it says on your site... Look to see if this same pro... (u no wht i mean... yes?)

last if you don't like my texting this way let me know...

oh, do i have to register/sign in or...?

Thank you so much for your time....



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Mar 28, 2018
Changing your home page
by: Jennifer

Hello Glenn,
It sounds like you might have changed your home page on your web browser. Do you want the home page to be the Brampton weather page? What web browser are you using? If you let me know if you are using IE, google chrome, fire fox... I will be able to give you specific information on how to change your home page to the weather page.

Sometimes different search engines will give you different results that is why you might have found what you were looking for when you searched through Google and not when you tried the other way.

You may want to set your home page to google if it is giving you the right results for your searches.

When you click on help it will open a web site for you to search for results.

Please respond with some more details and I'll try to give you a specific answer.

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