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grace hedlund

by grace hedlund

i need to put jpgs from camera into "my pictures". at 84 yrs. w/brain injury,it has to be simple.

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Jan 22, 2018
Transfering Pictures from Camera to my Pictures folder
by: Jennifer

Hello Grace,
Thank you for contacting Computer Tutorials. This may be a little difficult without knowing all of the details. Cameras have different ways of storing data. If your camera has a memory card take the memory card out and find a slot on your computer that the card will fit without much effort sliding it in. Your computer should automatically recognize the card.
When the computer recognizes the card a window will pop up. In this window there will be a folder for you to open. Double click to open the folder. (Depending on how your camera is set up you may have a couple of folders to open) You should see all of your pictures.
When you see your pictures click on one to select it. After it is selected right click and select copy from the menu.
Now go to your my pictures folder. Right click anywhere inside that folder and select paste. This will paste the picture in the folder.

If you want to copy more than one picture at t time select the first picture, hold down the shift button and click the last picture. This will select those two pictures and everything in between. Now follow the same right click procedure to copy and paste.

I hope this helps. If it is not the correct directions for your camera please send me an email address or phone number and I can get more detailed information from you so I can help.

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