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How people are hacking your Facebook account

by Marc Wozneck

Today, without a doubt, Facebook is the most widely used digital platform in the world. Nearly 2 billion people connect to it regularly and we all have a loved one who is registered. But the celebrity social network also attracts malicious people, which inevitably causes a wave of hacking that Facebook undergoes virtually every year. Accounts are attacked by group or in isolation. There are several reasons for hacking an account.

Several methods exist but few are effective. In this article, we are sharing this to help users understand how their account can be hacked. With this understanding you can possibly prevent this from happening. Just note that this article is intended solely for educational purposes. We will not be responsible for what you do with it.

1- The password extractor method: PASS FINDER
At the top of the list of tested methods that have proved their effectiveness: the use of the PASS FINDER software is number 1.
PASS FINDER is a password extractor that allows using a login, that is to say a phone number, a username or an email address, to be able to extract the word password of a Facebook account without the knowledge of the main user. Its use is quite simple and allows to find the password several times without limit of use.

Its operation is really very simple, anyone can use it. First you download the application, you will be granted a free trial time. Once installed on your device, you enter the details of the Facebook account you want to hack. As we said above, you can enter a phone number, an email address or the username. The application will do the rest by launching the decryption of the password used. It will take just five minutes and you will have the information you want. With the password obtained, you will be able to access the Facebook account you are targeting without arousing the suspicion of the user. If the latter has opted for a two-factor authentication, do not worry, it was planned in this application, a feature to bypass this confirmation method. So now try the app and get the Facebook password in 5 minutes!

2- The "SIM swapping" method or that of the SIM card
This is the new method that is all the rage today. Why ? Just because it's the same method that was used to hack the account of Jack Dorsey, the boss of Twitter. It is a medium range method, however it is still very effective.

"SIM swapping" is simply for an individual to contact the operator in charge of the mobile phone network of the person he wishes to hack, posing as the latter, he asks the telephone operator to transfer the references of the SIM card of the victim on a new SIM card that will be in his possession. In most cases it is very easy because you just have to provide some information about the victim, such as name, first name, date of birth, etc.
This is facilitated by the fact that mobile operators, caught off guard by this technique, have not yet put in place a very sophisticated way to counter it.
However this technique is quite limited. If it is effective, it will only allow you to post on the hacked Facebook account, and hopefully, receive certain notifications using the services of publication and notifications via SMS. Indeed like Twitter, Facebook has a system allowing to publish or
if necessary, to receive notifications via SMS. So use this feature simply. In addition, if your goal is to cause trouble to the person you want to hack, this is certainly the method that will suit you. All you need is some information about him before calling his mobile operator. For example, you can pretend to have lost your phone or malfunction with our SIM card. Be convincing and you will get what you want.
3- The method of light hard drives

When a hard drive is working, it emits a light signal that can be exploited by hackers. Indeed, even if the machine is isolated from the Internet, it still emits a blink each time a task is executed on the hard disk. Thus, a hacker could install a virus by accessing the computer physically so that this light converts the data to 0 and 1 each time the hard disk is accessed. Nobody will notice this change because the flashes are not very percetibles and nobody really pays attention. Especially since these flashes have not really changed, they will be just decodable by a camera that can read and decode via a program what is done on the computer. Indeed, from this virus, the hackers will only have to capture the light whose flashing frequency will correspond to what is happening on the computer (keyboard key input with the password Facebook).

4- The method of the keyloggers
Keyloggers still call "Keyloggers" in English are software to record everything that a person types on his keyboard. But for this it will first find one that is compatible with the terminal of the person you want to hack. Then install the software without him realizing it and just wait for him to connect to his Facebook account. From here you can easily recover login credentials and password.

However, if keyloggers make sure you get some data, such as login credentials, it is very easy to work around them when using a computer. Indeed for this method to work, it would of course be necessary for the victim to enter the references using his keyboard. If the latter decides to use the visual keyboard of the computer, the keylogger will be totally ineffective. Ultimately, this method works only if the person you are targeting uses a physical keyboard to make his entries. You will be able to retrieve the information you want to log into your account without even noticing it. But if he is clever and he avoids, there is no other way. In addition, keyloggers are totally ineffective in the face of double authentication. If the person you are targeting has opted for dual factor authentication, YOU will not be able to get around it even though it is possible with the PASS FINDER software.

5- The Phishing Method
Phishing is a method of hacking that involves directing your victim to a fake site. Indeed he will believe he is on Facebook. Trusted, he is tempted to insert all his login credentials including usernames and password. More than recover them to access his account.

Moreover, it should be noted that this method is much more reserved for those who know about programming or pure piracy. Fans will indeed have trouble although this technique is effective because you will have to design a site whose interface is very similar to Facebook. In addition, this method is also inefficient with a dual factor authentication system like that with keyloggers.

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