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How to Choose Domain Name?

by Janz Nordman

A domain name is essential like a vast branding opportunity! It serves the first impression when customers are visiting your website. Choose a slick and suitable domain name, and customers enjoy a good and lasting impression of you. To be successful, your domain should be:

• Well-branded
• Pronounceable (please!)
• Concise
• Aimed towards .com
• Without hyphens and numbers
• With keywords
• Unique
• Intuitive
• Long-term
• Globally usable

Let’s shortly go through each key-point.
What is a brandable name? Any word or combination of words you see or hear that you can associate with a product or service and sounds like a brand is brandable. Some are catchy words like Google, Bing , and Yahoo. They are short, memorable and sticky, like gummy bears.
Why is it so important that it must be pronounceable? Biology. It matters because humans have a cognitive bias: with things that we can easily say and think of we tend to have more positive associations. If the name is not easy to pronounce, you're going to lose the benefits of brand-ability that you've created.
The shorter the domain, the easier it is to write, type, say and memorize. When it's long, you take the risk of customers misspelling it. Google „Most popular websites" and you'll find names like,,, and many more, all of which  have around 8 characters in their domain name. Fewer letters to keep in mind is always a good thing. The same applies if you're somehow creating a new alphabet.
If you want to build up a very brandable domain that can do well, you want a .com. Prefer it always, except when there is a reason not to.
Neither hyphens nor numbers are bad for SEO, but they're for wrong other
reasons. Still, I’m wondering whether this domain name was or or even Come on man it was and not .com! Stick to the letters only!
If you have a unique domain name, you can be sure that your potential visitors can find your page without trouble. Even your name as a domain name can be a good strategy. Bloggers tend to do that because it works! Uniqueness increases brand-ability and generates fewer legitimacy problems.
It's a rather wise strategy when the domain name gives people an idea of what's the main idea of the website. There are exceptions to the rule where the domain name is not intuitive, but in most case, your preference should be an intuitive name. The fewer explanation people need, the better they get it!
Hopefully, you are going to run your website for more than 5 years. How about more than 10? In terms of branding, it is way more affordable to keep on with your journey without having to change the name every 5 years. Always think long-term!
When you use primary keywords in your domain name, it's evident that you want users to make sure what's the main idea of the website. In case you choose to use keywords in your domain name, put the keywords at the beginning. You can use tools like Google Keyword Panner. Do not simply stuff keywords into your domain name.
When your ambitions are big enough, then you should probably avoid any impediments and legal issues within your journey. To build your brand, you know it's better to use the same name across the web and social media sites. Otherwise, customers would be perplexed. Check out registered trademarks to the name.

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