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How to Fast Create a Perfect Free Website with WIX (for Beginners)

by Lesley Haught

How to Fast Create a Perfect Free Website with WIX (for Beginners)

Ready to build a visually stunning and fully functional website? Then you must be ready to rendezvous with the most popular website builder – Wix.
Creating a website is now easy and fun, especially since you can do it under an hour, and get it up and running too.
Everything begins with a good hosting provider
The first step of setting up your own website is choosing a website builder with free hosting. All your text, images, videos, audios and content need to be stored on a server. These servers display the site landing page or homepage, and other webpages when a visitor accesses your URL.
Security is an essential feature you should consider while choosing a hosting plan. Wix provides every registered website owner/builder with a free and secure hosting.
Why is your domain name important?
Your business’ name will determine how many people will find you online and how many visitors your site will attract. Therefore, you need to pick the right brand name! Once you have a name, it’s time to pick a domain name. The domain name is almost like a physical address. It needs to be unique and simple.
Say, the name of your business is ABC XYZ. The domain name could be
Your domain name should have the following traits:
• Legibility
• Simplicity
• Memorability
Check if your desired domain name is available. You can buy your domain from Wix itself.

Building a fully functional free website with Wix
Now, we come to the main part – designing the website.
Wix is our builder of choice because it offers true creative freedom. It is an easy-to-use builder for beginners and versatile enough option for pros.
Here are the comprehensive steps all beginners should follow while creating a stunning free website with Wix:
i. You need to register or sign in
Just like any other website builder, Wix requires you to sign into your account or create a new one for building a site. You can build and manage more than one site via one account.
The free Wix editor allows users to create new sites with a couple of clicks.

ii. Create a new site
Once you have registered and signed in, you can click on “Create New Site” at the top right corner of the page.

That will take you to a new window where you get to pick the type of site you want to create:

Once you have picked the kind of site, you get the option to proceed with Wix ADI or Wix Editor.

iii. Building your site with the Wix Editor
The Wix Editor is the simplest and time-tested method of creating new sites on Wix. To proceed click on “Choose a Template”.
This should load the template options for the kind of site you are building (business, in this case)

Just click on a template that suits the nature of your business and has all the features your site needs. You can explore the sub-categories on the left for more options.

iv. Picking the right template
Let’s say you want to set up an online pet store. So, here, we proceed with the Pet Supply Store template.

Hover on the Pet Supply Store template to access the “Edit” and “View” options. Click on view to check out the template and click on edit to use it.

v. Editing your website template on Wix

Editing a template is superbly easy on Wix. Your editor comes with options like Menus & Pages, Background, Add, Add Apps, Media, Start Blogging, My Store and Bookings on the left panel.

The right panel of the
editor comes with an array of options that enable the editing with options like copy, paste, and delete, arrange, align, distribute and match size.
You can rotate an element, resize and reposition it using the simple yet powerful editor.

You can choose to apply the changes on one page or all pages of your site.
The Layers option reveals the Header, Page and Footer options separately for the editor’s ease.

vi. Edit the Menus and Pages
The main menu offers a detailed look at the different pages on the site – which may include shop all, dogs, cats, birds, fish and aquatics, small animals and more.

Add more pages, delete existing pages/categories, hide pages or rename them according to the need of your business site.

You can even add links to your menu or create a dropdown menu with subpages.
You can add page info, change the layouts, update permissions and set up SEO features from the Site Menu option.

vii. Edit member pages, member signup and more
Under the Menus and Pages option, you will find more options that enable editing the member pages – My Account, My Orders, My Addresses and My Wallet. Before you publish your site, you should set up the member pages and member sign up options for acquiring complete store functionality.

viii. Adding content to your site
Adding content including text, images and videos could not be any easier especially since you have Wix by your site. You can copy chunks of content you have prepared and paste it on the text holders.

Go to the Add option on the left panel and select the type of text you want to insert.

Select the Image option to add new images to the site. Explore Gallery, Lists and Grids, Lightbox, Video and Music options to add diverse content types to the page of your site.

You can explore similar options on each page to add new content.

ix. Adding Apps to your site
To render your site completely active you will have to add more than one app from the Wix App Market. You may want to add cart reminder options, SEO plugins, comments apps and/or payment gateway apps to your site to enhance its user experience.

Adding apps on Wix is quite straightforward. Just click add on the app to install it, integrate it and activate it on your site.

x. Optimize for mobile devices
Do not forget to preview your site before you choose to hit publish!

You can optimize your free site for mobile devices by clicking on the “edit your site for mobile” option.

The templates are responsive and Wix does a fantastic job of automatically optimizing the content for mobile devices.

You can edit manually, if you want to make additional changes.

xi. Connect the domain
Once your site is ready and you have a domain, it’s time to connect it.
Your default domain would look something like this –

You can buy a domain name directly from the editor and connect it using the “connect domain” option from the dashboard.
Why you should consider upgrading to Wix premium
Wix does allow people to create fully functional sites for free, but you will want to check out the Premium features which include:
a. Online payments
b. Unlimited bandwidth and 50 GB of storage
c. $300 worth ad vouchers
d. Ad-free site
e. Free domain for a year
f. Connect custom domain

You can create a Wix site in 11 steps or less if you follow this guide. You can have a fully functional and accessible site by the end of the day if you are ready to sign up and create a free account on Wix.

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Feb 20, 2020
Great post
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Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with my readers

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