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Outlook 2007 Contacts

I think the Outlook 2007 contacts section is the best place to start. So many people want to get into emailing and have the old paper address books. I am not telling you to get rid of your paper address books, just add those names to Outlook so you can write your letters and email them also. Outlook lets you enter all of the information for your friends, family, and co-workers in one convenient location and will even remind you of important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Open Outlook 2007 and navigate to the contacts section. There are several ways to do this: you can find the contacts button on the left pane or click the Go menu and select contacts or press ctrl and the number 3.

Outlook 2007 Contacts

In the contacts section notice I have several groups of contacts under my contacts. In Outlook 2007 you can create as many groups of contacts as you need by creating a new folder and selecting Contacts in the drop down menu that says “Folder Contains.” Below My Contacts in Current View, play with the options in this section after you have created several contacts to see which view you prefer.

To create a new contact click New at the top.

Outlook 2007 Create New Contact

This will open a new window for you to enter all of your contacts information. Type in all of the information you would like to keep on file for this person in the fields provided. Before you click Save and New look at the other options you have in the contacts window. Click on the Details button in the Show section.

Outlook 2007 Add Detail to Contact

This window will give you more fields to input information about your contact. By entering the contacts birthday and anniversary you will automatically have a reminder placed in your outlook calendar.

Activities will show you a list of any emails, notes, or task and events you have created for this contact.

All of these sections will be available to you to use every time you open this contact.

In the communicate section you have a button you can click to create an email to this contact, create a meeting or place a phone call (if you computer is hooked up for this function).

The next section is Options. In the Options section you can customize and organize your contact even more. With the Business Card button you can create a business card for your contact. This will give the card in your contact window a specific look and feel.

To add a picture of your contact click the picture button then select Add Picture. Your explorer window will open for you to browse to a picture.

The Category button allows you to organize your contacts by category with a color for each category. You define the color you would like for each category and when you assign a color to your contact their contact card in Outlook will show the color you assigned to that category.

If you need to follow up with a contact click the Follow up button.

Outlook 2007 Contact Followup

You will options when you want a reminder to follow up with that person.

A good rule of thumb is to click the little person with the check mark next to it after entering each contact. This button checks the email address to make sure the email address is in proper format to send email to this person.

And the last section is to check you’re spelling if you have entered any notes or comments.

When you are satisfied with what you entered click Save and Close if this is the only contact you are entering or if you have several to enter click the Save and New button. You can then sync your contacts to your Nokia Windows phone so you can have them listed in your cell phone as well.

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