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Outlook 2007 Edit

Let's review Edit menu items and how to use them:

This menu is used to move or modify items located in your Outlook folders.

First I want you to notice it may look different depending on context. Not all functions are available all the time.

Outlook 2007 Edit Menu

For example: To be able to COPY you need to show the computer what you want to copy or SELECT objects by clicking one by one or all together by choosing SELECT ALL option.

We are ready to review EDIT menu items.

UNDO - Undo your last action. This feature will be grayed out unless you have made changes to you document or if you have saved the document you are not able to undo the last modification.

CUT - Puts selected objects into Clipboard removing them from original location. To use the cut feature you will need to highlight text or select an object. Then click cut to remove it and place it in the clipboard to be pasted in another location

COPY - Similar to CUT - Puts selected objects into Clipboard but without removing them from original location

Outlook 2007 Clipboard

OFFICE CLIPBOARD - shows you content of up to 24 last COPY/CUT operations. Using this option you can PASTE not just content of last COPY/CUT operation but any of last 24 such operations, including the ones made in any other MS Office application. You can even combine them in one PASTE operation by using PASTE ALL button. You can also delete from clipboard items you no longer need or clear all together. Use little arrow on right side of clipboard item to choose operation (PASTE/DELETE)

PASTE - Puts content you previously Cut or copied into current location of your cursor.

SELECT ALL - Selects all items in current location

DELETE - Deletes selected items such as email, contacts, or journal entries and puts them into DELETED folder. You can UNDO this action if you did not mean to do it or changed your mind. To undo this use the undo feature or click on the deleted folder and click and drag the item back to the folder you would like. Deleting items from DELETED folder is permanent and you will get warning doing so to make sure you want to permanently delete the item .

MOVE TO FOLDER - This is combination of CUT and PASTE we discussed earlier CUT and PASTE can be used for folders as well as text in an email, contact or journal entry. Using this option you do not need to actually go to target folder to make target folder "current active folder", you may choose it from list of folders or even create new.

COPY TO FOLDER - Similar to above (combination of COPY and PASTE), except you get copy of your selected items in new location and items in old location remains there too.

Outlook 2007 Move Items

The next three options are only available in the Email section of Outlook.

  • MARK AS READ - Marks selected emails as Read.
  • MARK AS UNREAD - Marks selected emails as Unread.
  • MARK ALL AS READ - Marks all items in current active folder as Read.

CATEGORIZE - Gives you additional options to organize your items by assigning Color Code to selected items and to assign Category name and short key to Color. You may assign several categories to each item and later easily access all items of the same category.

Outlook 2007 Categorize

Note the little arrow at right side of menu item. It tells you there is another level of menu connected to menu item. Here you may choose preset category to selected items. If you use a category for the first time a window will pop up asking you to rename category first and assign shortcut key:

Outlook Rename Category Window

You can always do it later by selecting ALL CATEGORIES. Here you can edit categories and assign several categories at a time to your selected items.

Outlook 2007 Color Category Window

That concludes the Outlook 2007 Edit section of these tutorials. Click next to move onto the Outlook View Menu.