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Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is a great program to send and receive emails, organize contacts, remember appointments, create tasks, create a journal, and keep notes. Most beginner and senior computer users will use outlook mainly for checking email, organizing contacts, and setting reminders for appointment and birthdays.

I am going to quickly go through the top menus in Outlook and we will return to some of the sections in more detail in the following tutorials. Open Outlook 2007. The icon for Microsoft Outlook 2007 looks like this. Outlook 2007

The menu options in Outlook are similar to other Microsoft programs. I will only briefly cover each item because we will go over them in detail for each tutorial on the different functions of Outlook.

Outlook 2007 menu

The File Menu in Outlook gives you the option to create new appointments, emails, contacts, tasks, journal entries and more. The file menu also allows you to create new folders, print any item in outlook and import files.

The Edit menu will let you cut, copy and paste items.

The View menu allows you to change the way you will see Outlook. You can change the way you navigate through the program, toolbars displayed, and the way emails are viewed.

The Go menu lets you quickly go to different areas of outlook. By clicking on the Go menu and selecting the area you want to navigate to. Outlook will quickly bring you to that function.

The Tools menu lets you send and receive emails, empty your trash emails, change account settings, customize your account, and change outlook options.

The Actions menu will change depending on what area of Outlook you are in. If you are emailing you will see different email options, if you are in the Calendar you will only see actions for the calendar, etc.

The help menu is always a great place to start if you have any questions. Use the Microsoft Office help option and type in your question in the search box. In this help menu you can also navigate to the updates for Microsoft office.

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