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Owner Pierce Construction & Repair

by Richard Pierce
(Brea CA )

Is there a way to set multiple decimal tabs on a page so that I can tab over and type in cost numbers to be added later?

Also where is the feature that allows one to see the embedded control commands in the document? I would like to be able to look at them so that I could delete ones when I do not like what word is doing.

I am used to an old version of Word Perfect which has these features.

Thank You
RS Pierce

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Mar 06, 2012
Tabs & Formatting Symbols
by: Jennifer

To set multiple decimal tabs make sure your ruler is showing on your document. To display the ruler there is a button on the right had side of the working screen above the scroll bar. To the left of the ruler, above the vertical ruler is a button to switch the style of tabs. Click this button to browse to the tab style you would like. Once you have selected your tab style click on the horizontal ruler to place the tab. You can do this multiple times with different style of tabs.

I believe what you mean by the control commands is the formatting symbols. This button is located in the paragraph section of the home tab. It looks like the paragraph symbol. Click this button to turn these proofing marks on and off. Please let me know if this is the information you are looking for. If not please rephrase your question and I will do my best to answer.

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